Are you a consultant?

Are you looking to work with a transparent supplier?
Are you looking for a supplier who works with you and not against you?
Are you looking for a supplier who thinks of you as part of their team?

At Crown Gas and Power we promote openness and transparency with all of our consultants. You are our customer and we can have as much or as little communication with the end client as you wish.

Unlike other suppliers, we will not compete directly against you.  We want to work with you in attaining and keeping the business.

You are considered and treated as though you are part of our team.

We are flexible and open to suggestions.  If there is anything we can do differently that would make your experience easier, then let us know and we will do our best to facilitate your needs.

On completion of the TPI agreement, you will be appointed a dedicated sales contact who will assist in all pre-negotiations regarding the contract and other sales matters. Once a contract has gone live you will also be given a direct customer account manager who will be able to handle any queries ranging from objections, bill validation, change of tenancies and payments.

We understand the magnitude of the workload that you face and we would like to help take some of the stress out of that with our quick, smooth and seamless transfer process.  We do this without keeping you on hold for long periods and without the need for a different contact every time you call us in a faceless call centre.  We believe in the personal yet professional touch.

Ultimately every single member of our team cares about what we do and care about you.

Your business is our business.

How can we help you?

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