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10 top Twitter profiles for SME advice and inspiration

Twitter can be a great tool to communicate, network, learn, delve deeper into your industry and read the latest news. In addition, within our office, we use our Twitter Profiles as the first point of call for breaking news, trending updates and most importantly, the trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones.

However, it’s important to make the most out of social media. Connect with the right people. Furthermore, you should always look to network with and receive advice from someone above you, often more experienced & well renowned.

Start to build up a valuable Twitter network.

It’s not just your followers you should be interested in. It’s who you’re following.

Therefore, we’ve presented 10 of our favourite, inspiring Twitter Profiles you should be following for inspirational, innovative tips to grow your small business and startup successfully.

Consisting of topics such as:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Growth
  • And many more. The network is endless.

Our 10 favourite Twitter Profiles

1. @MicrosoftSB — Microsoft UK SMB — 27K followers

Their aim is to provide small & mid market advice to innovate and make the most out of technology.

2. @CBItweets — The CBI — 47.9k Followers

Follow CBI for economical insights and data. Furthermore, you’ll learn how other businesses react to new policies and regulations.

3. @Makeitcheaper – Make it Cheaper — 4.7k followers

The renowned Business Services Consultants, regularly update their blog, providing new and innovative ways to manage your business, grow and control your finances.

4. @adamjayc – Adam Connell — 23k followers

Founder of the Blogging Wizard. Adam provides entrepreneurial advice on marketing, networking and business growth.

5. @landlordlowdown – Landlord Lowdown — 7k followers

They’ll provide quick, knowledgeable insights into the property market. Perfect if you’re looking to start a small property portfolio.

6. @experianexperts — Experian Experts UK — 28k followers

The financial experts will provide advice on how to maintain your credit score & how to manage your business expenses efficiently.

7. @switchmybusiness — Switch my Business

The energy consultants often update their blog with energy market news, breaking news weekly reviews and tips to save on your monthly bills.

8. @guardiansmallbiz — The Guardian

The newspaper have created an online network of small and mid-market business owners, providing insightful articles and advice to sustainably grow.

9. @smallbusiness — Small Business

It’s in the name. One of the main profiles for small business news and techniques to grow your business.

10. @The_iod — Institute of Directors

Follow the IOD for advice from some of the UK’s most recognised business leaders. The IOD is the largest membership organisation for Company Directors.

For Crown Gas & Power’s updates

These are our 10 favourite Twitter profiles, to keep up to dates with more news from Crown Gas & Power, follow us on Twitter @crowngaspower, for energy saving updates, gas industry news & our teams charity work.

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to commercial world. For more information about our supply & connection services get in touch with our team on 0161 762 7744.

top 10 twitter profiles for SMEs. Chosen by Crown Gas & Power

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