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Motivating tips to boost your business | Start Networking

You might have a smart, eccentric idea? But are you energetic enough it put this idea to action whilst remaining productive and efficient. Motivation is key for small business owners, you might work in an office alone or with a handful of people. Therefore, it can be difficult motivating yourself to step up and start selling your products to a wider audience.

Don’t look for motivation in the wrong places

Align yourself with business professionals and influential industry leaders. Then you’ll have a solid group of connections to fall back on if you’re ever short of leads or if your in need of some extra motivation and inspiring business advice. Look in the right places, attend relevant networking events and surround yourself with inspiration.

Networking is important for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s important not only to meet potential leads or investors but to get your name out, enthuse other about your new idea. Get more people involved, keep to the point rather than; expressing a loud, extensive and complicated approach. Yes you may feel being a loud, overly confident salesperson brings in the most money, but in some cases it’s more about adding personalisation, patience and clarity to your sales process.

Don’t sell yourself short; you’re a game changer

Yes a brief pitch is always more appealing. Although, when you’re out networking with potential clients and other industry leaders; make sure you are taking an honest approach. Give it straight. The ins and outs. Positives. Negatives. Most importantly how will you change their game. Don’t make the mistake of overlapping and over complicated your idea. True business leaders prefer honest and integral information if they are to invest their time and money into your new product or idea. Make sure you’re following the right crowd, don’t start up a sales pitch with an engineer if you’re after a accountant.

Don’t live up to other people’s expectations

Don’t let the wrong people influence you. You want to maintain, honest, fair and investable relationships with your clients and other stakeholders. Therefore, don’t just take advice from anyone. Evaluate how it’ll benefit you. Think about how much you’ll make from it. You’ll realise that once you’ve attended a handful of your first networking events you’ll find people aren’t what they made themselves out. I mentioned in an earlier post, out of all the business cards you collect, separate them into unsupportive and supportive contacts.

Create your own processes


Providing that extra motivation to get to the top of the market can be back breaking. Which is why we’d recommend you take a more creative approach to your general sales pitch. Set yourself a theme for each segment you provide for. Write yourself a script and set yourself an “improvisation strategy” to ensure you remain on topic. Maintaining honest and relevant. Improvisation doesn’t provide the most accurate approach. However, not everything goes plan. So if you’re well prepared and have sufficient product knowledge, they’ll be no question you cannot answer.

Create your own motivating and inspiring sales process; don’t focus on pushy persuasion, focus on motivating your clients to purchase, you’ll end up improving your service, and developing influential, loyal relationships. The simple motivating ratio involves 80% listening and 20% talking – delve into the problem before proving a solution.

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