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5 tips for sustainable SME growth

You might be an ambitious a small business entrepreneur running one of the UK’s growing small to medium enterprises (SME). However, there are numerous challenges involved whilst you’re trying to operate a profitable enterprise.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running the business yourself or you hire staff. You’ll be accompanied by the same challenges. Getting your name out has never been easy, particularly with the clutter from competitors and larger, big budget companies.

You might not have a billion pound budget. However, by finding your niche, you’ll simply start drawing in relevant customers and leads, pushing your product at a low cost, achieving a higher gain. Within this post we’ll discuss a few more innovating tips which’ll help you push your SME to the next level.

Offer something in return

When you send out your weekly customer emails, offer something in return, give your products away; create a clearance sale. Is your warehouse full of old stock, with regular email notifications you’ll notice a return on inventory. Your customers have signed up because they’re interested in you, keep their interest alive, don’t lose subscribers. Turn inactive customers into profitable website traffic.

Turn your website into gold

It’s pivotal for SMEs whether you’re B2B or B2C to divert profitable leads to your website. Create something that stands out to your niche, overriding your competition; with everything you write think about who’s reading and how they can find out more. Simple data entry forms and links to telephone numbers present a quick call to action. Pick up those leads and you’ll begin to see a growth in sales. Importantly, make sure your message targets the right people and inspire your audience. Inspiration presents continual engagement.

SME Networking

Start by attending networking events to boost your profile as a growing SME director. But don’t just attend anything. Look into relevant events. Try and find something that fits your niche. Furthermore, if you’re B2B focus, research your customers. Find out what trade exhibitions they attend. Book a ticket you could meet anybody whilst on your SME networking tour.

In addition, to attending trade events. SME targeted networking events are often held by leaders that cover areas such as growth marketing or even accounting. Simply by learning from other industry professionals from the more corporate world, you could create a sound strategy to “follow” and take on the leading organisations that dominate the mass market.

Sponsor an organisation

Not all sponsors need to be “official” on television. Simply, by supporting a more local or relevant cause to your niche market could prove to be profitable for your brand. Simply search for local grassroots sports team, a local charity event or community club. For instance, if you’re running a growing online Whiskey & Spirits wholesaler, sponsoring your local golf club or community centre could provide a real opportunity, particularly if the hall is openly advertised for events. Sponsorship provides a great alternative for local recognition.

Create a lasting impression

Provide your niche a service that they’ll remember. We’ve discussed SME networking, local sponsorship, giving something back and turning webpages to gold. Most importantly, that after sales care and customer engagement provides the backbone to sustainable growth. Therefore, incorporate those more traditional values when communicating with your niche. Keep your customers closer, in order to entice that brand loyalty, which further increases your chances of positive reviews and word of mouth promotion.


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