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Attracting customers. 5 Tips to draw more people off the street

Attracting customers shouldn’t just be obtaining attention through the mass media. It might seem like a great strategy to hit as many national, regional or local media outlets as possible. However, don’t be naive! Don’t oversell yourself as you’re starting up (HBR, 2017). Our case is based on the social media startup Ello. Tackling the clutter of Facebook’s 1.94 billion users had proven too much to handle.

Who are Ello and how were they attracting customers?

Founded in 2014, they were founded on the back of Facebook’s controversial “real name policy” and the selling of personal data. On the back of this Ello made a number of promises including no advertising.

In fact, their Manifesto stated that the customers “are not a product.” Which in our opinion sounds great. Although, as published back in September 2014, the Guardian emphasised Ello as the “Anti-Facebook.” An anarchist to the technological world of data and social media. The Founders promised to not sell data on for advertising.

Upon a surge in their press coverage; they were picking up around 30,000 followers per week, explaining how the world was listening. The message here is not to be naive; there are three simple questions to ask, which will help you when attracting attention and successfully achieving your marketing strategy.

  • Where are you know? — where is your product aligned. Determine how many customers you have, your value and create a vision
  • Where you want to be? — set yourself a benchmark. This is when you research. Set out your long term goals. But, be adaptable, have a plan if your vision doesn’t work out how you expected.
  • How will you get there? — Most importantly, set SMART objectives. Be realistic. To meet your long-term ambitions, focus one step at a time. Only sell what you have. Don’t overdo it.

Where is Ello now?

Nowadays Ello recovered their social network, instead of instigating a full frontal attack on Facebook’s users. Whilst sticking to their no advertising values; they have shifted their focus onto creating a network of artists through flamboyant, clearly defined portfolio displays. Their audience now consists of a growing community of artists, designers, illustrators and GIF makers.

From observing Ello’s overturn of events, it expresses the importance of honesty and versatility when launching a new product into a competitive market. Nothing should ever be engraved in stone; be ready to make a change.

Based on our latest case study on Ello, we’ve come up with 7 tips for getting the best out of the media, whilst attracting customers.

Communicate with Industry Influencers

Influencer marketing should play a key role for small businesses in the UK. Simply, reach out to the influencers in your industry. Not Competitors; but Journalists, Trade Magazines, Membership Bodies or Community Representatives.

There’s more to attracting customers than paying for space in the Broadsheets. Look closer to home, get in touch with a specialist journalist, explain your strategy, your product, who you’d like to target and what you’d like to say. Reach out to a more realistic & applicable demographic.

Attracting customers with your own blog

Before you start reaching out to influence, start by curating your own content. Your blog should be your backbone. Organic growth is focused on reputation. With enjoyable, engaging and knowledgeable content; you, yourself could become an influencer in your industry. Build up your social profile.

Master social media

Once you’ve started to curate your own content. Boost your online identity. Start attracting customers via social media. Build a credible reputation online not only by sharing your well thought out, encouraging blog but also share content from other credible sources. It’s not just about writing yourself. It’s building a valuable network.

Be artistic

Differently, utilise internal media vehicles. Such as Point of Sale. For instance, if you’re operating on the High Street, creative signs are a huge representation of your brand. A few weeks ago we found a photograph of a sign outside a cafe. Which perfectly summed up small business culture. Slightly controversial. Despite serving its purpose. Furthermore, your offline material can easily be designed and put into Facebook/Twitter form. As your starting up. Control your own media presence.C-akjX7XoAAH-z2

attracting customers to your small business

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