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Every business has to pay their energy bills, but do you know if you’re getting a fair deal for the gas and electricity you use? Lowering your energy bills can be as simple as switching your business gas supplier, which is why it’s important to keep track of the market and look out for the best prices. The term big six is often used in the media regarding the major suppliers if electricity and gas. These six companies were the incumbent business energy suppliers to customers in different regions across the UK when competition to supply homes and businesses first occurred in varying stages between 1994 and 1998.

Claims of price fixing usually intensify when all six energy suppliers raise their gas and electricity prices around the same time. One of the main issues with just six firms providing the vast majority of the UK with energy is the potential for this dominance to result in uncompetitive tariffs and high business and home energy bills.

Switching to an independent business gas supplier

The easiest way to make sure the UK’s energy market is competitive is to encourage businesses to frequently consider switching business energy suppliers and look further afield. The independent business energy suppliers now begin to play an important role within the energy market. They create better outcomes for consumers by bringing greater choice and diversity through innovation and increasing competition.

Same Energy, more competitive prices, devoted service

There are a number of factors that drive energy use in organisations. From cutting energy costs and reducing consumption, to risk management and environmental obligations, controlling all of your business energy responsibilities can be a challenge. The truth is that many consumers aren’t aware how easy it is to switch to a more cost effective gas or electricity supply. When you switch your energy stays them, through the same pips and with the same strength. They only difference is how the energy is charged. It’s important to revisit the market, consider an independent energy supplier: for easier, effective switching.

38% of customers left the Big 6 for independent suppliers

Energy prices have long been a bit of a political hot potato. Leading independent business energy consultant Business Juice have released their latest Business Energy Trend Figures which have demonstrated a trend of diminished loyalty towards the Big 6 energy suppliers amongst businesses as 38% of customers switching moved their contracts to join smaller suppliers.

This is confirmation of the fact that those with independent business energy suppliers are more satisfied with providing an accustomed, personalised business service. More and more companies are becoming aware of their ability to change energy supplier, and the trends show small suppliers are benefiting strongly. This is not just about price, although the potential cost savings can indeed be staggering.

The UK electricity market is still dominated by the Big 6, and there still remains a major gap between people’s understanding of the domestic and the business energy sector. For example, as a business gas customer, you are only able to secure your supply through bespoke contracts that are offered by suppliers after they have assessed your business’s particular circumstances. With this information, smaller suppliers are able to offer your business a solution that they feel best meets your gas needs.

They do not operate on the same pricing basis and as such prices change in the latter far more frequently and with greater relevance to the wholesale market. This means advantageous deals are constantly available and don’t just follow the standard price changes we see in the domestic market.

Small or independent business energy suppliers represent a valid alternative to the big six. Small suppliers often offer deals on par with, or in some cases cheaper than, the big six. However, many remain unsure about making the switch, even if they could end up making a saving.

Big 6 firms have lost 660,000 customers in the last 18 months.

A recent customer survey shows that the independent business suppliers collectively now hold the fourth largest share of energy accounts in the market – truly breaking the stranglehold of the incumbents. The Big Six firms – British Gas, EDF, Eon, NPower, Scottish Power and SSE – have effectively lost 660,000 customers in the last 18 months.

If you do decide to switch, it’s important to first ensure that you’re within your renewal window. Typically, a business’s renewal window will open around six months prior to the end of their current contract, and businesses not currently within their window will be unable to get quotes from other suppliers, or switch to a new deal. Once your renewal window opens you can begin to think about switching.

Typically, both high gas and electricity users are offered two contract options: fixed contracts and flexible contracts. The majority of business energy contracts are ‘Fixed’, meaning they run for a fixed period and at a competitively fixed price. But there is another way for businesses to access the energy market.

Gas supply timed to perfection

Whilst it is more involved, more ‘niche’ and traditionally aligned to larger businesses there are some tangible benefits to be gained from entering a flexible length contract. A flexible length gas contract allows you to closely monitor the energy market and select your contracts length based on your businesses budget and requirements. This gives you more control over your energy bill, but it does mean you’ll need to spend more time managing your energy bill. At Crown, we want our customers to take more control of what they consume, whilst ensuring energy management remains more relaxed.

With a flexible length contract, you’ll have the option to monitor the rates and extend or terminate your contract as you see fit, depending on what you’ve observed from energy market conditions. A bespoke energy procurement strategy gives you total control over your energy purchasing strategy.  A Personalized service adapted exactly to your businesses requirements.

At Crown Gas & Power We believe that the fundamentals of trust, professionalism and a humanistic approach is paramount in us achieving the best and most cost-effective business energy solutions for your company. We truly work like independent business energy consultants. Our competitive gas prices help you to spend less on what you need and more on what you want. This is why we’ve made switching to us as easy as possible and ensure you get the best experience.

When your business energy contract is up for renewal, don’t just take the first price you are offered, come and compare our business gas prices and see what else we can offer. Once you switch to independent business energy, you will soon see just how much you have been overpaying. We provide a fully personalized service that gives you the kind of control over energy procurement that until now has been the reserve of big businesses.

Crown Gas & Power will oversee the installation of your gas and electricity services, meters with advanced metering technologies and with providing you a complete energy solution package for your business. Once your renewal window opens you can begin to think about switching your supply to us.

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