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Christmas Productivity Cheat Sheet

The festive period can be stressful time for most households and businesses. If you’re working throughout the Christmas period, in this post we’ll discuss our Christmas productivity cheat sheet. We want you to have a successful, busy sales period. Whilst you’re busy, your friends or other colleagues might be out of work. Therefore, we’ll provide a few Christmas productivity hacks to keep you motivated and busy.

Maintaining Christmas productivity, whilst others are away

You’ll be twice as busy; as you might be covering for those full time employees who have taken their annual leave during Christmas time. Therefore, consider taking on additional support this period and reduce your stress and workload levels. Either hire a couple of temporary employees or outsource a part of your workload to a freelance consultant.

For example, you might not have time to produce your marketing content for the Christmas and January sales. Therefore, consider outsourcing the professional help. Make sure you’re able to keep on top of your customers, whilst providing that extra value during the busiest time of the year.

Outsourcing the right people

To keep your business’s Christmas productivity levels high, consider offloading some of the more intense tasks. From financial accounts to marketing to sales support. Therefore, if you cover each department, your small business should successfully run itself throughout the festive period. You might not have the budget to outsource a vastly experienced consultant. However, we’d suggest you start off small, hire someone knowledgeable with a transferable skill-set on an intermediate level. That way you’ll receive the same support, at a lower cost, benefiting both parties.

To further maintain Christmas productivity, outsource the “nitty gritty” tasks to a Virtual Assistant. It can be difficult and costly to hire an outside professional. Therefore a VA will take control of all bookkeeping, research, data entry as well as managing your emails and phone calls. A virtual assistant is particularly useful in a retail environment. Spend more time on the shop floor; save the bookkeeping for January!

Put someone else in charge

If you’re running a small office or retail store, consider offering a management role to other members of your team. Share the strategic workload. During the Christmas period as a senior manager or business owner you’ll have your hands full, which is why delegating more of your high level tasks to someone else presents an opportunity for you to give customers more undivided attention. With the extra strategic help you’re able to focus more on the front line, presenting 100% satisfaction.

Understanding your customers

It’s important to fully understand your customer base.

No matter what it is they’re looking for, as long you stock it, they’re yours.

Try and pick up some information about each customer group. By segmenting your audience you’ll easily be able present a clear and concise message. For instance, if you’re targeting 18-24 year old millennials create a social media hashtag and implement it across all your channels from Facebook to Snapchat. In contrast, if you’re targeting more affluent business professionals create a group on social media targeting business interests and continually present promotions and special offers.

Cross-selling offline and online

Whether your B2B or in store B2C, you’re still able to channel a cross selling strategy. Simply by advertising your services/products within search or social media, you’ll not only drive website traffic. By presenting a call to action in the form of a coupon and telephone number, potential customers will call or visit your store. Simply cross sell your products to ensure an even mix of in store and online customers. Furthermore, this approach ensures that your existing inventory will be in front of customers throughout all sales channels.

By using the above tips your small business would be able to maintain higher Christmas productivity levels. Simply channel all that holiday stress into a profitable festive period.

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