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Don’t turn your Christmas profits into an overpriced energy bill

With the Christmas period in full swing. We know you’ll be busy picking up sales, keeping productive and providing your customers with the highest value. However, whilst your retail store is filling with potential customers have you considered how much energy you’re consuming. Particularly power. Avoid an overpriced energy bill this Winter!

Consider the position of the point of sale material, such as cabinets and signage. Is extra lighting required? Are you using efficient bulbs? Are you using gas to heat your premises?

Within this post we’ll discuss how your business can save on your energy throughout the Christmas sales period, ensuring your profits don’t turn into an overpriced energy bill.

50+ Visitors a day – make sure they turn to profit

Your Christmas advertisement has been live on social media or in the local press for well over a week now. It’s clear that it’s working and more and more visitors have turned up to browse your wares.

Therefore, as your staff are engaging, selling and showing visitors around your store. Create yourself a map, from there it’s possible that you’ll have a clearer understanding of your power hotspots. For instance, a great example involves Jewellery retailers.

Simply, switch the light bulbs within your cabinets to low power LED bulbs, they’ll last longer, consume less and lower your electricity costs throughout the busy Christmas period.

Low power, higher profits – Avoid Overpriced Energy

Simply by clamping down on your electrical devices you’ll start saving on your energy bill and you’ll have more money left over for the New Year. During the winter months, particularly in store. You’ll want to create a comfortable environment for all customers. Therefore, we’re not suggesting a remake of the Flintstones; but be wary of your power consumption.

Particularly when you’re heating your premises. An electric heater stacks up your electricity bill. Therefore, heat your business with natural gas, a cost effective, more efficient solution than power. Keep those plug sockets free; you might think it’s costly, but dual fuel actually provides a cost effective solution. Especially under a competitive contract with a Smart advanced meter.

Smarter Shopping throughout the Christmas sales

Create a smarter environment throughout your store this Christmas. Smart advanced metering is on the rise. Whether you’re consuming gas or electricity, upgrading your utilities to create a smarter shopping environment provides a cost crunching, accurate solution when monitoring your consumption.

As well as metering, smarter technology is on the rise. It was a long time ago when the TV remote, power shower and mobile phone were the latest inventions. Now your premises can be controlled by voice recognition.

Consume enough, continually profit & avoid an overpriced utility bill

To summarise, throughout your busiest period, whether that’s Christmas, Summer or anytime throughout the calendar year. You’ll discover the importance of monitoring and keeping a closer eye on your business’s utilities.

Make sure you avoid an overpriced energy bill during your Boxing Day sales; use low consumption bulbs, keep your plug sockets free, avoid electric heaters & consider duel fuel energy. Natural Gas provides a more cost effective, efficient energy solution, maintain a comfortable environment for your people and customers.

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