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Commercial Energy: Why estimate?

Are you the owner of High Street retail chain? Do you know how much you’re spending on your commercial energy this month? Does your business energy take up a big chunk of your monthly budget? If so let’s look at some new techniques and see if we can save you time, energy and money each month.

Before we discuss the different techniques to help your shop save each month, let’s understand a bit about the scope of your business. For instance, at Crown we believe in no boundaries commercial energy; meaning whatever the size of your store we’re able to adapt our natural gas supply service exactly to your business. Whether your business is a local boutique store or a large retail chain. What you’ll need to consider is location, this is a major factor when creating a competitive gas quote. You’ll want to take time to consider the general energy costs in your area and if you’re running more than one site, consider each stores monthly earnings and manage a budget, whilst your searching for the right quote.

In our previous post, we discussed how small businesses could become a “Green brand,” this’ll not only improve your businesses brand image, but by improving energy efficiency you’ll begin to save energy.

Here’s some retail energy therapy to help with commercial energy management. Like we discussed within the food service industry making an observation would be the first and simplest step inside your store. Keep an eye on your temperature levels, check your lighting and within show cabinets consider using low efficiency bulbs to keep your electricity usage down.

Location, location, location

As we’ve mentioned your stores location will have an impact on your energy supply and will be dependent on how competitive your quote will become. That’s why your sites postcode becomes an important element within any pricing process. Throughout the UK gas prices fluctuate based on your stores location. That’s why it’s important when you’re in the process of searching the energy market to set a budget based on each site individually. What we aim to do at Crown is find out as much information about your business as we can, therefore, we’ll be able to source a competitive price that work across all your sites, allowing you to budget accurately.

Submit regular meter readings

Are you open all hours? Monday to Sunday? Then it’s best to observe your stores consumption patterns, compare you bills each month, make an observation this’ll allow you to keep track of each month’s energy consumption, manage costs and even make a saving. It’s doesn’t matter how far back you go, measuring 2 months at a time would give you a good idea of how to progress for future periods. At Crown we want your experience with us to run smoothly; you won’t receive any corporate jargon; our business gas supply services are straightforward, translated and our customer relations team is on hand throughout the day if you’re ensure about the technical energy terms. Let’s face it no question is a stupid one; especially when you can make great savings.

Why receive an estimate energy bill?

Every month’s you’ll receive your energy bill, right? How often do you submit meter readings? Without regular submissions you could end up with an estimated commercial energy bill. At Crown we give our customers the option of having an automated meter reader installed. We expect to be free from estimated meter readings in the near future, therefore by encouraging AMR installations and regular manual readings our customers receive a smooth, positive experience when receiving our business gas supply.

Utility Connections

I bet you’ve never considered this before! But the position of your gas meter might have an impact on your commercial energy. For advice on utility connections you can contact our Siteworks team who could advise you on everything from gas meters, gas pipes and AMR. Here’s a few technicalities you might want to consider for your business:

  • Meter relocation: If your uncomfortable about your meter’s current position.
  • Automated meter readers: running more than one site? Haven’t got the time to submit individual meter readings? Consider getting a AMR installed.

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