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Building Meaningful relationships with Customers

Building meaningful relationships with customers is pivotal to our approach at Crown Gas and Power. We’ll give you some new and engaging tips to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

So you’ve got that dreaded presentation in about 15 minutes and your customer is waiting in the reception area. Firstly, we’ll start with the icebreakers to avoid when meeting with new customers.

Avoid those awkward topics

Weather: Mind-numbing and Clichéd

Asking about the weather can be thought of as an easy escape route to that awkward silence. However, it’s also the most common, clichéd approach. You’re not in an elevator with a group of strangers going to the top floor office. In fact, you’ll probably spark a better conversation breaking wind. Now in all seriousness, in order to develop meaningful relationships, try to find out a few personal details: such as summer plans and hobbies and interests. Be patient and let your “opposition” drop their guard before you hit them with pricing and lengthy product descriptions. Strike at the right opportunity and keep your presentation interesting. Start your meaningful relationship positively.

Awkward Topics: Well allegedly

“Allegedly I think…” Is probably the most overused quote of the last 5-6 months. In order to cultivate meaningful relationships, avoid awkward topics. Political discussion is definitely not appropriate as conversations that start with politics always end with an argument. I don’t want to bore anyone too much with politics but it’s important to keep conversations above board. If you want to debate make it relevant, discuss your service’s benefits against competitors or the customer’s previous supplier. Even take a light-hearted approach discuss television or film, surely Game of Thrones makes better political discussion.

4 Tips to determine meaningful relationships

Summarise and Simplify

It’s important when attempting to create a meaningful relationship with a customer to summarise and simplify your content; not only to ensure everything is understood, but also to make it easier to follow up giving you more chance to seal the deal. Keeping a record of all emails and phone calls is important and improves efficiency and accuracy when working on a project. We’d recommend including a summary within your email thread, keeping all parties in the loop with ongoing projects.

When to Follow up?

Don’t just wait for a colleague or potential client to get in touch. When developing meaningful relationships with customers, you have stand up and be heard. Contact them and get some feedback on your meeting performance and find out what they’ve picked up from the meeting. This’ll give you great insight into whether you’ll be successful in the end.

Weekly Updates

It’s important to create meaningful relationships within the business world. Another tool is to send weekly email updates to customers. It’s important that your recipients are in the know all the time, keep them updated with news and what’s happening with their projects. Ensure your communication is exclusive for each customer, keep your service different, interesting and relevant. You’ll always want to be on the radar, without being too much of a pest. Ask to schedule regular progress meetings, learn more about the client, how they operate and discuss project progress reports.

Send a Confirmation

We’ve all been in the position when your waiting for an email or telephone response. Not receiving call back can be frustrating. Senders can often be left wondering whether an email has actually gone through. Therefore, I’d suggest following up any queries or responses with a thanks or confirmation. Furthermore, this emphasises your dedicated and proves you appreciate their work and are willing to help.

Conclusion – Communication is Key

Throughout all projects, sales and meetings; communication is the most important element to creating meaningful business relationships. By taking into account the tips and tricks discussed you’ll be able to improve productivity and profitability. As well as perfecting customer relationships making communication more meaningful and relevant to them.

The below infographic displays a short description of how to generate positive relationships with customers across the world.

Meaningful relationships

Building relationships across the globe.
Image credit @Zendesk

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