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Don’t procrastinate, Keep productive: Here’s our Productivity Cheat Sheet

We know that throughout the day we all have those moments when you don’t realised you’ve scrolled through Facebook inactively for the last 10 minutes. What’s the cause of this? Well no 2 days are the same, nothing is ever plain sailing, sometimes you’ll springboard to your target and some days will be sustainably slower. Therefore, today we’ll discuss a few simple productivity hacks you can add to your computer to remain more productive throughout those hours where time stops. These could range from browser extensions and applications to keyboard shortcuts to monitoring your own performance.

The Productivity Cheat Sheet

Optimise your Browser

To begin with, we’ll discuss the different browser applications that’ll ensure you aren’t spending too much time searching through content you’ve read before. Using Evernote will ensure that you have a set to do list for all your projects. It’ll ensure that you keep to your schedule and you will be able to set a deadline reminder, ensuring you’re remaining productive throughout those unproductive hours of the day. Although, there are many tools to help with productivity it’s important to stick to one, as these tools might not always work, become irritant and actually do the opposite of what was originally planned.

Remember those keyboard shortcuts

Another simple method to keep you proactive throughout the day is to keep a note of all those simple keyboard shortcuts, you’ll quickly be able to navigate through webpages, search the news and edit documents quickly. Below we’ve displayed some of our favourite more productive keyboard shortcuts we use often at Crown. You’ll find the shift tab becoming a close friend after reading this post. The main benefit of this reduces procrastination, simple switch between tabs, this is particularly useful when researching, for instance, you may be researching your as potential customer, no matter how many tabs you open, you’ll easily remember which ones most important, keeping you on the ball.

Here’s some more shortcuts:

  • select to the front/end of the line — SHIFT + HOME /END
  • scroll to next/previous page — PAGE UP/DOWN
  • open new tab – CTRL + T
  • close tab in chrome –  CTRL + W
  • reopen last closed tab(s) in chrome  –  CTRL + SHIFT + T
  • switch across windows in computer  –  ALT + TAB
  • dock windows side-by-side  –  WINDOWS KEY+RIGHT/LEFT

Create a plan & stick to it

One of the biggest issues which reduces productivity is forgetfulness, therefore we’d suggest producing a weekly checklist, make note of everything you need to accomplish throughout the week and regularly check back and ensure you’ve not missed an deadlines. Keep this list straight to the point, you don’t want to be wandering off onto a different subject. Furthermore, multi tasking is a key element to productivity, you might think, “I’ll try and get everything done today.” Although, you might have the reputation as a fast worker, is everything up to a high standard. Therefore, by delegating different tasks throughout the week you’ll easily get everything spot on, improving accuracy and maintaining attention to detail.

Utilise a VA

Over 80% of mobile phone users now have a smartphone, therefore it’s likely you’ll have a virtual assistant readily available. Whether it’s Siri on Iphone, Cortana on Windows or even Google Now. If you don’t use the calendar or reminders on your phone, start using them now! You’ll simply be able to manage tasks and receive prompts to complete tasks if you’re starting to fall behind. Simply stand out, be that guy who’s talking loudly into the micro phone. Furthermore, Google Now is a great resource for your mobile or browser, like Evernote, you’ll have everything you enjoy and regularly read at your fingertips, from weather to news to sports results, latest calendar events and reminders.

Measure your own performance

Start measuring your own performance, take a look at the time you spend on your mobile, web and desktop, you will be able to measure what different websites and categories you spend time on. You’ll also discover how much time you spend on social media, on phone calls and completing tasks. The application I like to use is Rescue Time, it’s a simple management tool which runs in the background, you’re able to regularly check simple charts throughout the day to ensure you’re hitting target.

Take 10

The final step to help you start to improve your productivity to refresh yourself, take 10 mins out, get some fresh air, work on your breathing, do something personal, whatever your preference is; just take your mind off work for a short while, then you’ll come back refreshed it’ll be as if you’re starting a new day. Furthermore, consider moving around, hot-desking, making a change to your psychical environment gives you something else to focus on to further refresh your mind. The National Grid discovered an 8% productivity increase when they adopted to a more fluid working model.

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