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Putting our energy into your healthcare centres

Cut back on the Carb’s, give yourself an energy health kick

Over £400 million a year is spent on energy in hospitals and healthcare centres (Carbon Trust, 2016); which is a heck of a lot when you consider some of the other cutbacks that the Public Sector often face.

Therefore, it’s important that hospitals, NHS doctors’ surgeries and medical centres delve deeper into the energy market when procuring a competitive supply contract to ensure they’re able to start managing energy consistently.

At Crown Gas & Power, we are able to adapt our service to a vast array of Public Sector organisations as well as SMEs and companies which also fit into Ofgem’s Micro Business Criteria. In the healthcare sector, it’s come to our attention (Carbon Trust, 2016) that paying your utility bills can be an extremely costly expense.

Something which we think you shouldn’t have to worry about!

This is why our Account Managers at Crown Gas & Power will provide a service which perfectly benefits the Public Sector & healthcare centres. Most importantly, you’ll be able to lock in a fixed price. Avoiding hikes for as long as 48 months. That should help you avoid overspending. Further allowing you to budget for the more important areas of your healthcare facility.

Managing multiple healthcare centres

In addition, as a Public Sector NHS Trust, you’ll be able to benefit from our multiple site commercial gas services; ensuring that each medical facility under your control remains in therm control of their gas consumption.

Checking your consumption is pivotal; especially when such a high amount is spent on commercial energy. Make sure you’re regularly evaluating how much gas (or electricity) your NHS healthcare centres consume throughout each month.

Therefore, we also present to our customers a number of energy saving tips to help your organisation consume cost efficiently. Not only helping you budget but also allowing you to add a “green stamp” to your health centres.


How to take back more control over your medical centre’s gas supply?

Longer term contracts with a competitive fixed price

The first element to maintaining control over your energy supply is to source a competitive contract. This might not be as easy to obtain. Therefore, we’d probably suggest meeting with a commercial energy consultant directly; avoid comparison websites. The reason for this is because a consultant can provide a personalised service accompanied by extensive market intelligence.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our Public Sector supply contracts. For smaller healthcare centres consuming less than 500,000 kWh per annum; we could have the perfect supply contract to match. Just ask our friendly team on 0161 762 1883.

Submit monthly gas meter readings

Anyone will tell you that when managing energy, it’s most important to submit regular meter readings. There’s no point spending time trying to find the best gas prices if you’re billed to estimations each month! You want to maintain that feel-good factor once you’ve secured a better gas supply rate, don’t let your bills estimate.

With Crown Gas & Power, our customers are able to subscribe to our Meter Reading Mailing List ensuring you never miss out on suppliers meter read deadlines.

Think Smart!

In addition, as well as submitting regular meter readings. Energy efficient buildings will provide a better, more comfortable atmosphere for customers, patients and staff (Carbon Trust, 2016).healthcare centres and managing their gas supply

Moreover, we’ll explain the importance of AMR and Smart Metering. The latest in metering technology will help your healthcare centre to achieve its environmental goals. Whilst increasing your exposure in the local community and creating a cleaner more comfortable environment.

Keep your healthcare facility well maintained

Regular maintenance is also important because boilers, heaters and metering connections need to be kept up to date. Outdated equipment often causes inconsistencies, by keeping your gas supply connection updated, you’ll also be in a better position to consume efficiently.

If you are struggling; we will be able to stretch further and make amendments to your health centres; keeping your utility infrastructure well maintained. When you decide to refurbish, we’ll ensure your sites are properly connected to the gas mains.

Monitor your consumption

With the latest technology, most energy suppliers allow you to track your consumption online. At Crown Gas & Power, we’ve got a team of developers continuously designing and developing our Customer Portal allowing easier access for consumption tracking and account monitoring. Every month will have been accounted for under our supply contracts. We will give our all to ensure you never receive estimated bills.

In addition, to accommodate multiple site supplies, each customer will have access to our MAgent portal, easily presenting groups and large organisations an opportunity to keep a close watch on each site with consumption charts & access to a full statement of accounts for each site.

Now you’ve completed your health centres energy check

Now that you’ve taken steps to reduce the cost of your energy bills and you are starting to become more energy efficient, the opportunities will be endless.

Think about the smile on your Accountants face; you’ll have more money left over to fund anything from the latest medical equipment or hiring new nurses. Utilise your savings wisely!

If you’d like more information about our Public-Sector energy services
get in touch with our Account Managers on 0161 762 1883. Alternatively, if you’re working with one of our recognised commercial energy consultants. Delve into the market, give Crown Gas & Power a mention and we’ll provide you our competitive supply prices.

Our Public-Sector gas services:

  • Competitive, fixed gas prices
  • Variable length contracts ranging from 12, 24, 36 & 48 months
  • Online account management for quick consumption tracking
  • Dedicated service for multiple site management
  • Smart advanced metering
  • Multiple utility connection services
  • Regular meter reading email updates

View our infographics for healthcare centres & the Public Sector

healthcare centres and Public Sector energy supply facts and benefits from Crown Gas & Power

Healthcare centres & Public Sector Energy
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