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Are you a commercial property manager? It doesn’t matter whether you manage a single or multiple site portfolio, we’ve got some great tips to ensure commercial landlords are able to save on their business gas. We know the complexities involved when collecting payments from tenants, whether there’s delays or grievances with the additional payments such as energy, repairs or general servicing fees.

Therefore, at Crown Gas and Power our team of developers are continuously working to improve our service to commercial landlords and managing agents; ensuring they’re able to keep track of all their sites, how much energy they consume and when gas bills are due. Imagine how much time and money you could save. No need to physically visit and chase your tenants, we’ll ensure they’re all paying the correct amount for their gas supply.

Make sure your spending accurately

When tenants are constantly moving in and out of your premises you’ll want to ensure continuous energy flow between tenants. Therefore, it’s important that you keep in touch with your energy supplier once a property becomes vacant; so you aren’t overcharged on your energy for vacant sites.

Furthermore, it’s important once a site becomes vacant to regularly audit and ensure each appliance runs efficiently, not blowing too much energy at once. Although, throughout a tenancy it’s important to regularly maintain and keep a log of any irregularities on each site. If an issue like this were to arise more often it would be recommended to disconnect your gas supply in order to consider an upgrade or downgrade to metering, to ensure smoother energy flow.

Keep in touch across your entire portfolio

Constantly Communicating with your clients is remains a pivotal process; ensuring all parties are updated if there’s an issue with billing or maintenance. It’s important to maintain strong and prosperous relationships with your stakeholders in order to determine more fluid processes.

When it comes to maintaining costs it’s vitally important for commercial landlords to ask their tenants questions, keeping yourself updated. To further ensure you know exactly what’s happening within your sites, such as: are customers happy? Is everything working? You’ll be able to determine exactly what the atmosphere is like around each commercial property you’re running.

Honest relationships and patience are key traits to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner. For example, you could send monthly newsletters to tenants increasing engagement and enabling you to discover any issues or constructive feedback about your site.

Create a structure and stick to it

More commonly, commercial landlords should keep important files organised. Whilst keeping close records of all your properties, from maintenance to bills to vacancies. This’ll ensure you are never left behind when a tenant queries something, further exciting that meaningful, open relationship you’ve developed.

Over the past few months, it could be as if we’re in a parallel universe, are all these changes actually happening? Are these price hikes and currency changes real? We’re living in a post brexit Britain. Therefore, keeping track of your costs and regular monitoring your spending has become 10x as important. This is important no matter if you’re an independent commercial landlord or a larger commercial managing agent, 9 times out of 10 you’ll have the same goal, and that’s to remain profitable and collect rent at a low cost.

Remaining organised and consistently communicating is likely to guarantee the smooth running of your properties. You’ll rarely see an issue once you set a system in place to monitor each tenant, whether a sites vacant and it’s expenses. Furthermore, we know clients can be demanding when it comes to utility bills. Some will consume highly and some low. Therefore, at Crown our Managing Agent Portal aims to provide property managers with the following benefits to ensure the utility side of their business remains firmly in control.

  • View AMR consumption data for individual sites under our supply
  • Easily access a full statement of accounts
  • Statement data can be easily exported into CSV or PDF format
  • All documentation such as LOAs and Contracts are available to view and download
  • Live, expired and upcoming sites are displayed
  • Quick filters have been set up, making it easier to analyse data relating to individual sites

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