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Keeping business costs down in Bury

As a growing, independent natural gas supplier based in Bury, Greater Manchester we’d like to present a real alternative to energy supply. Ensuring that companies closer to us are able to benefit from lower utilities bills whilst cutting down general costs. Firstly, we are aware that business utilities can be a cost worthy expense. Particularly if they’ve not been monitored.

Therefore, within this post we’ll provide a few different tips accompanied by our service benefits which will emphasise the importance of managing your gas and electricity supply. Not only to reduce costs but to become a more energy efficient. Reducing your carbon footprint; something which Bury Council also provide advice on through their website.

Now you might be a budding local entrepreneur. Whether you have opened a new boutique restaurant in Bury Town Centre or you’re running a multi story office in the heart of Manchester. You will still have the same costs from employment to general commodities to natural gas and electric. Here’s a few useful tips to keep your costs down:

4 Tips to cut your local business costs

  • Sort your bills – put them into categories

First of all, the most complex yet pivotal technique for smaller, local businesses is to sort your expenses into categories in order to keep track of and manage all costs leaving the bank. Keep track of your general overheads such as rates, telephone, advertising and utilities. Sort each invoice into separate categories in preparation for that due date, ensuring you don’t receive any late charges or miss a bill.

  • Transport & travel expenses

Furthermore, consider your travel expenses. If you regularly leave the office for meetings, consider taking a more efficient and economic approach. Shop around look for cheaper train tickets or consider buying fuel in bulk, if you’re running multiple company vehicles. Furthermore, consider more environmentally friendly vehicles. Simply a Toyota Prius does over 50 Mpg a considerable saving in petrol.

Moreover, with the government’s proposed new budget. There’s an opportunity for investment in electric cars. Within Bury, they’re a few electric car charging stations across the Town Centre. Another way to cut travel expenses, if you’re running a small local shop set up a carpool or cycling scheme. Allow your staff to benefit from sharing travel expenses or even cycle.

  • Take a browse

Browsing the market for an alternative is always an opportunity for smaller, local businesses. The last thing you want to do is jump in at the first offer (from the big providers). For instance, within the energy sector you could get caught up searching for prices. We want the businesses within our Bury community to benefit from cost effective natural gas. Which is why we pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our energy partners and comparison consultants. Providing a competitive price ensuring smaller, local businesses are put first when switching utilities.

Although, it’s not just utilities, we suggest you browse the market for other necessities such as telecoms, insurance or broadband.

  • Innovate with technology

Now the days of endless filing cabinets are coming to an end. It’s time for your local Bury Business to move with the times. Innovate and adapt your premises with the latest advancements in technology, from Smart metering, music, cooking, computers and even your light-bulbs. To begin with, we believe that the days of the time-switch are coming to an end, with Smart technology becoming more popular keeping gas and electricity costs down becomes easier. Simply, at your fingertips or with your voice with Amazon’s Alexa you can control your property from what music you play to room temperature.

Keeping your gas supply local

At Crown Gas & Power we’re able to provide a personalised, competitive and devoted service for all our customers, large, small and multinational. Therefore, we emphasise throughout our local community in Bury and Rochdale, the importance of saving on your commercial utilities. From simply switching gas to monitoring consumption to accurate billing.

We’ll provide a real alternative to business energy in comparison to the Big 6 suppliers, with our 110% commitment to maintaining accuracy and cost effectiveness. As an independent gas supplier, we want your business to take more control and become more independent as a local business. Empowerment goes a long way, start by creating an initiative to switch and save as your gas contract comes to an end.

Our Natural gas services

  • Competitive prices – in comparison to the Big 6 – 110% commitment
  • Flexible length contracts presenting a long term growth opportunity for small, local businesses.
  • Services dedicated to SME, public sector, larger commercial, industrial and multiple site organisations
  • Simple & straightforward processes starting with switching, going through to billing, AMR meter installations and straight onto renewals
  • We’re experienced in Smart & advanced metering. We install AMR across all sites under our supply to instate a reduction in estimated bills
  • Simply monitor your gas account online with us – keep an eye on your monthly consumption and account balance

Now we’ve given you a bit more insight into our services to support the businesses within our local community in Bury, Greater Manchester. Consider taking these tips once your gas or energy contract is due for expiry. Contact our team at Crown Gas & Power directly on 0161 762 7744 for a competitive gas price online.

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