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Managing Time: How to prioritise your business day?

It’s Monday, you’ve laid out your schedule perfectly this week, you’ve set out your calendar & set your daily tasks. However, you’ve noticed that you’re falling slightly behind. You aren’t managing time efficiently & you are now 15 minutes off schedule & need to get back on track.

Let’s say you’ve spent 45% of your morning taking phone calls and responding to emails. Which means you’ll have less time for administration and writing. Multi-tasking and losing track of time are two frustrating factors that drain your time.

Therefore, as you create your schedule, ensure you’re in a position to start managing time efficiently. It’s not just a balanced diet that helps. A balanced schedule is just as important to your wellbeing.

Furthermore, to help manage your time efficiently and discover where lapses appear. Ask yourself why.

  • Why do I have so much to do?
  • Why can’t I finish my tasks on schedule?

Changing your habits at work

Start focusing on the three-step pattern, which occurs as you start to develop a new habit. In this instance, we’ll look at managing your email inbox efficiently.

These are:

  • Reminders — Sends a message to the brain to start thinking about the routine. I.e. notification sound or pop up
  • Routines — Observe where the emails come from, the importance level & move it to the relevant folder
  • Rewards — Positive feedback on a response. You’ve either resolved an enquiry or the recipient will respond with further questions

N.B. repeat the cycle for responses, but not the importance level

Managing time efficiently

Now we’ll put forward some methods, which will help you manage and take back more control of your daily schedule.

1. Wake up for 6 am

Start bright and early. Rather than drowning in coffee. Take part in a morning exercise routine for an adrenaline boost.

2. Keep a balanced diet

Whilst you’re adding structure to your day. Structure your diet. Keep meals balanced. Take back control of your day.

3. Start the day with your favourite podcast — not the news (you’ll get that later)

Between 6-7am, you don’t need to worry about listening to the news. It will still be on repeat from the previous night. Find a podcast you enjoy, subscribe and focus on that instead. Give yourself something to wake up for.

4. Arrive at work with 30 minutes to spare

Get into the office before everyone else. Which will allow you to set your daily schedule at your own pace? Prioritise tasks & finish where you left off.

5. Relax/meditate at intervals throughout the day

It’s just as important to allow time to relax during the day. We’re not saying sit on the floor and meditate. Just add value to your spare time. Take a walk or continue your morning podcast

6. Sleep before midnight

It’s important to remain most productive, obtain at least 6 hours sleep. So be sure to clock off by midnight. Avoid late night working. If you feel as you need to continue. You should be using your 30 minutes in the morning to finish off and reschedule incompletions.

Starting managing time efficiently. Prioritise your business day. Read more

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