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Gas/Electricity metering tips for Bury Businesses

At Crown Gas & Power, we supply natural gas and offer multiple utility connections across the UK. However, we also extend our capabilities to support localised, Bury businesses.  

The cost of your gas and electricity bills can be effected by the position or size of your meter. For instance, it’s important to consider upgrading or altering the location of the meter. This should match your consumption levels.

A situation might occur when you move into a new property and notice a rise in energy bills. Despite switching suppliers to a cheaper tariff. This could be due to a more technical issue. Therefore, our Site Works Connection team are able to manage each aspect of your utility connection: gas or electricity. We might be a single fuel energy supplier. However, our Site Works team specialise in managing high or low intensity multi-utility projects.

Providing Bury Businesses with Metering Services

Despite being a national, energy connection provider. We’re able to dedicate our connection services to support businesses within the local community across Greater Manchester, whether that’s Bury, Rochdale or Salford.

Our utility services team are also experienced in Smart and advanced metering. We’re committing to installing AMRs across our entire portfolio. As well as gas metering, we’ll be able to provide advanced metering upgrades and extensive advice on electricity meter connections.

Bury’s Leading multi utility connection services

We are a leading, renowned multi utility connections provider. We’ll dedicate ourselves to support localised Bury based businesses with 110% commitment. From new installations to upgrades/downgrades to disconnecting we’ll offer an intensified series of turnkey solutions to ensure the smooth running of your business or multiple site utility projects.

When should I upgrade my gas meter?

  • Smart Metering & AMR – we are experienced with the installation of the latest metering technology for gas and electricity. Therefore, by upgrading your meter, we want growing Bury businesses to save on their energy supply. Let’s create a greener, cost effective region for all businesses.
  • Renovations – You might be considering upgrades to your premises. Once you’ve drawn up your plans, make sure you put additional consideration into your utilities. Simply, take note of your consumption each month or annually.


Our Site Works team have worked on larger commercial renovations from hotels to restaurant chains to warehouses. If you need utility advice get in touch with our team on 0161 762 7660 and we’ll provide you with our competitive metering prices.


  • Avoid any risks of gas leaks & electrical emergencies – simply, by upgrading your gas/electric meter you’re reducing the emergency risk. Make sure you’ve had the correct meter fitted for your site, we’ll evaluate your property and guarantee a reduced emergency risk.
  • You’ve just moved in – Once you’ve moved into a new premises, get in touch with our Site Works team and we’ll start planning your new utility connection. If you’re looking to save on your gas supply, we’ll support local Bury businesses with our competitive gas contracts – simply switch to Crown Gas & Power.



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