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Keep productive through the Midweek madness

A lot has happened this week, you might feel that your week is lasting forever. Overcome the midweek drag, take 5 minutes and work on some productive exercises to keep your brain working. People who stray from their regular routines often become more creative and develop new profitable opportunities. Within the world of sales, we know it can be very demanding, therefore it’s important to explore, experiment and continually search for new ideas.

However, being more creative and experimental has its drawbacks; with every new idea comes anxieties, confusion and frustration. It’s how you overcome these fears that will drive success. There’s nothing better than watching a new method succeed, whether it’s a new advertisement bringing in ongoing sales or more personally completing a 10k run for the first time.

Here’s a few tips to help you become more productive:

  • Think about one subject for 30 minutes a day: then you’ll have sound background research to develop that idea
  • Spend 15 minutes talking without using the 1st person – Talk exclusively about yourself and your interests without boasting or complaining, keep people interested in your ideas
  • Plan your new strategy 2 hours in advance of implementing or discussing.
  • Set yourself unusual tasks throughout the day. Keep your mind fixated on other things, then you’re not worried about the failure of your idea
  • Hold onto customer relationships: create a lasting impression

Building Powerful, Profitable Relationships

It’s easy to fall prey to misconception, therefore we’ve updated our previous post about remaining productive in meetings and developing stronger, likable relationships. Here’s 3 tips to maintain & begin those profitable relationships:

  • Become an active listener
  • Present realistic aims – Be sincere, transparent & powerful
  • Let the recipient start the meeting

Firstly, when developing profitable relationships, it’s important to actively listen to your counterpart ensure you understand exactly what they are saying, their background, ask relevant and insightful questions, these might seem simple but it’s a great relationship builder.

Only interrupt if you’re asking an insightful question, you don’t want to sound like your hijacking and taking over control of the conversation. For instance, in a sales environment by jumping in with a price without learning your client’s needs, you will miss key details and incorrectly promote your service, possibly generating complaints. Don’t shut out your recipient too soon, learn by asking and actively listening!

Furthermore, no one likes a fake, within the vastly competitive world of sales, maintaining powerful, transparent relationships are important not only for you, but customers will return and enjoy your service more when they have a named contact and someone they can refer too if they ever need assistance. It’s difficult to continue a relationship with someone without trust, especially within an industry where credibility is a major factor. Meaningful customer relationships are built on trust, which then enthuses customer confidence in your brand, you’ll see a greater return if you provide an option that benefits your recipient rather than just making profit yourself.

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