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Let’s cut down on the Carbs – Saving on your monthly utility bills

Have you been struggling to maintain the cost of your monthly utility bills throughout the Winter months?

Are you currently looking to switch gas suppliers?

Before you begin the process of comparing and searching the market for the most competitive gas prices out there; it’s important to remember that there’s more to your contract than the unit & standing costs.

Instantly, as you compare different prices; it’s important to remember, whether you’re a smaller business or larger commercial enterprise the price attached to your contract has hidden elements…

Nothing serious and nothing that doesn’t come as common sense, but the majority of businesses don’t take enough notice of the basic elements involved within supply contracts.

Therefore, here’s what business owners should take note of when managing their energy supply.

  • Remembering to submit meter readings monthly – your supplier won’t often do this regularly. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you allocate some time 5 days before the end of the month to submit an actual read to your supplier. Something we do at Crown is give each customer the option to subscribe to our reminder mailing list. We want to ensure that our monthly utility bills are based an accurate readings.
  • Another thing to decide on is arranging the installation of the latest smart advanced metering. These are installed freely by your energy supplier. If you’d like more information about Automated Meter Readers, take a look at our AMR page here.

The above is just common knowledge often found in the contracts T & Cs. However, as a consumer there are different techniques you can perform to optimise your business, start consuming efficiently and reduce those monthly utility bills.

10 Techniques to help you cutback

  • Occupancy Sensors – which detect whether rooms are inactive, perfect for after 5.
  • Chargers left plugged in – these could account for 10% of your usage
  • Cool down your office – simply turn the heater down – 90 degrees Fahrenheit is usually hot enough to heat your office
  • Saving with curtains & window blinds
  • Dual fuel – don’t heat up with electricity – Natural Gas can be more cost effective
  • Monitor & track your consumption efficiently
  • Efficient lightbulbs – They’re said to last 10x longer and use 75% less
  • Seal gaps and cracks in doors and windows
  • Upgrade windows and add insulation
  • Government incentives – Climate Change Levy

As well as the norm, these 10 techniques will help you to start saving on your energy, ensuring that once you’ve procured the most competitive contract for your business you’ll stick closely to your initially proposed supply prices.

“Energy earns or simply burns (your cash flow); the choice is yours”

How can I reduce my monthly utility bills & consume more efficiently?

1. Use the Invisible eye

Occupancy sensors provide a newly innovative way to start consuming efficiently making sure you start reducing the general cost of your monthly utility bills. These sensors will usually work by monitoring the activity on your premises.

For instance, occupancy sensors would work best at the end of day. How often do you forget to turn the lights off? With devices like occupancy sensors, smart metering or time switches you’ll no longer need to wait until the office is empty to turn your heating & lights off.

2. Don’t leave unused chargers plugged in

Something else to remember. Do members of your team often leave computers on or unused chargers plugged in? If so implement a new “policy” send a quick email out to your workforce asking them to turn off computers at the end of the day.

Alternatively, have a quick observation yourself. The balance of energy usage in your office should be an important asset to reducing the cost of your monthly utility bills.

3. Cool down the office & book a summer holiday

Like me, do you see a blue sky outside. Take 5 minutes to step outside and get a feel for weather. Then you can make a decision.

Is your office to warm? Have you got the heating on to the max? Turn it down slightly – 90 Degrees Fahrenheit should be sufficient enough to heat your office and help you consume cost efficiently – as the uncertain spring weather adjusts.

If you want to sit in the heat during the summer, turn the thermostat down slightly, start saving and book a summer holiday!

4. Trip to the theatre anyone

You might be wondering where the theatre comes in. Well, if you’re in a cold office; keeping the heat in by shutting blinds or curtains means your thermostat can stay at a stagnant level. In contrast, during the summer fitting thinner blinds or keeping them open lets the bright natural light in. Helping you to cut the cost of your monthly utility bills.

5. Heat with gas. Not Power

In the summer, you might not be directly heating your premises. However, hot water is still a home comfort we all like to bring into the office. Being from the North, we can’t get through the day without a brew.

Therefore, our tip to you is to heat wisely, avoid electric heating and consider dual fuel.

Commercial properties cannot procure dual fuel contracts which can be off-putting for some; having two bills. However, by consuming dual energy you’ll be able to split your usage, ensuring less power is used when it’s not needed. This could be particularly important when preparing for future Winters as Natural Gas is a cleaner, greener & cost effective heating source.

6. Don’t get left in the dark

Lighting with low consumption bulbs is also important. We’ve found a product on the American market called the Sengled Light-Bulb. Despite being full LED it’s equipped with sound systems, security cameras, Wi-Fi extenders and motion sensors. I know all that from a lightbulb? Imagine having one of those around the office, (better than tip 1). Rather than using too much power with standard bulbs, start to fit long lasting LED light bulbs.

7. Do black holes actually exist

Stephen Hawking often likes to lecture his classes about the effect of black holes and predict the earth’s lifespan. On a different view, don’t let your monthly utility bills suck in your hard-earned cash. With the money saved from saving energy you’ll be in better position to budget and watch your smarter and smaller business grow.

Therefore, take a new approach. Add weather stripping around windows and doors, keep the heat trapped inside your office and in the summer, avoid a heavy monthly utility bill by letting in air and light.

8. Keep your place up to date

Firstly, the latest updates might seem costly at first; particularly when it involves renovating your premises. Whether that’s upgrading to high performance windows, heavy duty doors, adding insulation or even upgrading your boiler. In addition, there are loads of gadgets you could use to run your business more efficiently from Nest Smart technology to Amazon Echo or Tesla Powerwall.

Smart Metering & AMR is beneficial as it’s important to keep track of your readings over the summer because as you’re using less energy, you’ll want to ensure your readings are correct & accurate.

9. It’s simple: login, track & save

Another technique to help you to start saving energy and improve consumption efficiency is to start checking and keeping track of how much you’re actually spending. With Crown Gas & Power this can be done online.

We’re continuously designing and optimising our online Customer Portal to help our customers measure their monthly gas consumption, view all gas invoices and a full statement of accounts. If you’d like more information about our gas supply services, contact our team on 0161 762 7744 or email

10. Downing Street’s support

With climate change and the government wanting to change our energy consumption levels you can now take advantage of tax breaks for using less energy. Whether you’re a small office or you run many sites you can save thousands each year. There are a number of ways you could be exempt from some taxes if:

  • You use a lot of energy because of the nature of your business
  • You’re a small company who doesn’t use as much energy
  • By using energy efficient technology you’d also save

Electricity, gas and solid fuel are usually exempt from the main rates of the Climate Change Levy if they’re supplied in combination of heat and power or if your electricity was generated from renewable sources.

The perfect position to save on your monthly utility bills

Hopefully these quick tips will start to enhance your ethically conscious mind. When you next meet with your accountant, tell them you’ve got a new sales strategy and you’ve got the budget for it.

Thanks to the reductions in your utilities you’ll have more freedom to spend in other areas and watch your business grow without the worry of overpriced monthly utility bills.

Put your office through the paces, start making changes to improve your consumption efficiency.

It’s time you started cutting down on the Carbs…

cut the carbs save on your monthly utility bills

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