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Motivated workforce: 5 ideas to instil innovation

Building a team is one thing. Retaining and keeping a highly motivated workforce is another. There’s more to keeping your employees happy than a regularly increasing paycheck. Money isn’t everything.

Moreover, everyone’s different, there’s no point generalising — don’t use the “can’t please everyone mentality.” In order to freely motivate your workforce, focus; you’ll need to create multiple motivating strategies to instilling innovation into your office workflow.

Now we’ll present five new ideas to help you to retain a motivated workforce. It’s important to keep your team happy & enjoy coming into work every morning.

Meet individuals frequently

Spend more time alone with individuals — allowing them to present you with constructive feedback. Rather than just dishing it out. Let your employees take the floor and lead the meeting. We’ve mentioned meeting frequently, we’d suggest at least once a month. Whether you’re running small business or a larger corporation it’s not uncommon for an employee to become isolated. So, it’s important to dedicate at least a fortnight, allowing you to split your time equally for your monthly discussion.

  • Structure your meeting wisely:
    • Start by discussing targets
    • Then open the floor to questions
    • Ask what they think needs improving
A little friendly competition

Another great way to keep your workplace motivated to instigate a little friendly competition, bring in a game revolving around targets and offer a periodical incentive. This’ll be budget dependent. But you could offer store discounts, an Ipad or even a mini-break.

Encourage Smarter Working

Avoid questioning how hard your employees work. Less pressure usually creates a motivated workforce. With the added pressure of an employer in the ear, the passion for the job might crumble. Allow them to work Smarter, create a positive atmosphere and present more than adequate resources and support. Furthermore, make sure you emphasise your company spirit and enlighten your office community.

Remote Working

In addition, consider allowing employees to work flexible hours. Particularly within a demanding sales environment. It’s pivotal your team stay fresh. Therefore, create some space for negotiation. Let you workforce decide.

Become a Friend

Rather than keeping your working and personal lives completely separate organise your work and life balance and share some of your experiences with your subordinates. Teamwork is great. But forced friendships aren’t. So consider letting your guard down, let your employees see the real you. Building a friendly, motivated workforce creates a long lasting bond encouraging employee retainment.

To conclude, the Harvard Business Review puts forward that a highly motivated workforce can produce great things — “from Shakespeare recitations to win customers to weddings in office lobbies” (HBR, 2013). Additionally, emphasising that motivation is the key driver in any employer-employee relationship.

how to keep a motivated workforce

How to keep a motivated workforce

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