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Top Networking tips for your Monday meetings

Building relationships are pivotal to business success. You’ll always hear great stories from entrepreneurs and business leaders alike, who’ve explained their success stories from product launches to who they’ve met on their travels. On a Monday, your calendar might be booked up with meetings, in this post we’ll discuss a few tips to start of your week ambitiously whilst maintaining your business relationships.

Network with inspiring, innovative people

Attend industry events, bustling with entrepreneurs and leaders within your industry. Before you attend, develop a “social strategy.” Answer the following questions:

Who it is you’re looking to meet?

  • Competitors, investors, new employees, colleagues, partnerships, recruiters, accountants or marketers.

What you’d like to learn?

  • From determining a list of people you’d like to network with, focus on what you want to learn from each group. Such as how your competitors operate and how outside consultants could benefit your business growth. Make sure your ambitiously networking.

What will you achieve from this event?

  • Now you know who you want to meet and what you want to learn. Determine what goals you’d like to achieve from attending networking events. Whether it’s receiving advice from industry leaders, taking a competitive advantage, crowdfunding or collaborating with an ambitious team.

Keep motivated in those Monday meetings

Has it been a long weekend, you’ve walked into the office on Monday morning and remember you’re fully booked today with meetings. Procrastination, going off topic and repeating yourself can be an issue, resulting in a motivational lapse. Therefore, here’s a couple of tips to get you through those Monday meetings.

Avoid awkward small talk

Asking about the weather provides a quick conversation starter for some. However, as a business you’ll want to provide inspiration to those you meet with. Particularly if the meeting’s aim is to bring in new business. The weather is a cliched, probably the most common approach to ice-breaking.

In fact, you’d probably start off a better meeting breaking wind, rather then talking about it. Instead get to know your counterpart on a personal level. In order to develop strong Monday meeting relationships, try to find out a few personal details: such as holidays plans, hobbies and interests – let your guard down. Furthermore, this presents an open and friendly atmosphere already before you start getting into the “nitty gritty”.

Awkward topics – Don’t discuss religion or politics

“Allegedly I think…” With political uncertainty and ongoing discussions relating to the progression of the economy, it wouldn’t be the best idea to open a meeting with a political debate. If you want to debate make it relevant, discuss your service’s benefits against competitors. Even take a light-hearted approach discuss television or film. If you wanted to discuss something political make sure you research first. For example, consider how Brexit or the Budgetary changes will benefit your client, look at ways they can save or survive. Give them some tips, coinciding with your services benefits.

What to do after your Monday Meeting?

Keep inspiring and always Follow up

Once you’ve finished your Monday meetings, arrange your schedule over the next few days to follow up and ensure everything you’ve discussed has sunk in. Further ensure you’re developing the relationship you created earlier. Don’t let your leads go cold.

Find out if their unsure about anything, if so arrange another meeting, but this time make it convenient, go to them.

Make sure you’re Available

You will have made that lasting impression in your first meeting. Therefore, it’s important to make yourself readily available if any further queries were to arise. Although, it’s likely that schedule will fill up with more morning meetings to draw in new business. So we’d suggest organising your calendar efficiently, ensuring you aren’t over crowded with appointments. Instead of arranging stressful first meetings, schedule some follow ups in the middle or arrange admin time – taking a break is just as important as making a sale.


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