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New Small Business Resolutions for 2017

Statistically only 8% of the public achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Therefore, we’ll present a few tips to help your enterprise take the next step, and you’ll become a member of that unique cult of successful business achievers in 2017.

The most popular resolutions from the last year included the typical cliches like keeping fit, stopping smoking and devoting more time to long lost family members. Differently we’ll discuss a number of different resolutions which will boost your business in 2017.

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Firstly, don’t channel your focus into the long term, full year. Start with the first 60 days. Therefore, setting the fundamentals to grow your business further throughout the course of the year. Reduce the pressure on yourself, start small, don’t give yourself too much to do in such little time.

Here’s our Small Business Resolutions for 2017:

  1. Increase customer commitment – start off by putting more time into responding to your customers. Decrease your response time, attempt to answer questions as soon as they come in.
  2. Evaluate & take time to think – look into everything; take more time to compare & evaluate your objectives before you implement a new strategy.
  3. Take more responsibility – become more accountable for your actions. Keep yourself active, take more responsibility for all your business’s daily tasks; from marketing to accounting.
  4. Find a new way to relax – reducing stress should be high on the agenda for 2017. The previous year has involved numerous cases of low intensity mental illness. Therefore, look for a new way to wind down. From sports to gaming to long walks.
  5. Learn a new skill – the business world is constantly changing. Therefore, it’s pivotal that you become familiar with the latest technology and techniques that are changing the world. Your new skill could be anything, from computing to becoming multilingual. Learning a new language presents an opportunity for global growth.

Now we’ve discussed where we want to be & what our New Year’s Resolutions could be. Let’s step up and join the elitist group of successful business professionals. Here’s 3 tips to help you achieve these small business resolutions.

Keep a close network

First of all there’s no need to publicise your goals on social media or to the wider community. Keep them to yourself or include a small group of associates and colleagues. Reduce the pressure on yourself. Don’t emotionally attach yourself to your business’s New Year goals; that’s what broadcasting your achievements often does.

That small percentage of successful achievers don’t broadcast their progress; to remain successful they’ll keep their support closer to home. Therefore, maintaining a stronger network of business associates or even outsource a coach to assist with their ambitions.

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Avoid procrastination

When setting out to achieve a new goal, focus on what’s happening now; not 12 months time. Avoiding procrastination is the reason we’ve suggested to set our small business resolutions within the first 2 months of the New Year.

This’ll then ensure you have the backbone to grow throughout the year. By shortening the timescales you’ll be in a better position to grow without worrying about overworking, multitasking or procrastination.

Here’s how you’ll avoid procrastination:

  • Remove unwanted obstacles & start planning ahead
  • Jump in, don’t hold yourself back. Once you’ve started a task, you’ll come up with new ideas & correct yourself as you’re moving forward
  • Change your work environment, make sure you’re comfortable whilst adapting to strategic change.

Spend more time alone

Simply, by spending more time alone throughout the day will help you to become more productive & further enhance your self esteem. Throughout the day by taking 10-15 minutes alone you’ll be able to recharge and maintain productiveness. Sometimes remaining in a busy, fast paced office can add to your stresses, make sure you’re comfortable in your own working environment.

Allocate additional time to relax and recharge or even work alone for part of the day. In addition, by spending time away from the busier office, you’ll have a self esteem boost. Success on your own, sets out a constant reminder, that your own company provides the best company.


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