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Pitch Perfect: How to make the perfect sale?

Our Account Managers will help you get pitch perfect

  • If your confidence has dented slightly.
  • If you have hit that sales brick wall.
  • If you’re not on target this month.

No worries, because our Account Managers have taken 5 minutes out to help you to pitch perfect and take a bold leap over that wall.

No matter whether you’re a Telesales Whizz, a romancing Account Executive or pitching to an Investor or Manager. Our 7 motivating sales tips will help you to encourage engagement, boost your confidence and maintain a friendly, yet profitable network.

7 Top Sales Tips to Pitch Perfect

Maintain your network

Firstly, it’s important to keep updating your list of contacts, continually engage via email and let the recipient know you’re always available. Furthermore, use LinkedIn, it’s perfect for sourcing & connecting with potential and relevant leads.

In addition, another simple way to generate more leads is to ask for referrals. This is especially important if you’re just starting up. Once you’ve met an agreement, be honest — ask your new customer if they know a friend who could also benefit. With a close network, it’ll be easier to pitch perfect.

Stay in touch

It’s important to keep in touch — maintain consistent communication. Aim for a quick turnaround & always follow up if something doesn’t go your way. Subtly become a “control freak.” Remain in control of the communication between yourself and your client.

Focus on how you communicate

For those face to face pitches, imagine you’re in a room with a group of Executives who cannot understand English. This will help you instill passion into what you’re saying; because body language & your tone are key to attracting attention. Remember no one knows you, but everyone’s watching. Create a lasting impression.

Be enthusiastic — Get into the zone

To pitch perfect, you need to be enthusiastic and passionate about your brand and what you’re selling. Channel those pre-game nerves into optimism. Be yourself & don’t be afraid to get emotional. Let the recipient feel your inspiration. “Before I go into a meeting, I listen to my favourite music & have a quick coffee to get me into the zone.” – Jackson

Check, check & double check

Once you’re on the phone, you’ve enthusiastically greeted your client & the deal is edging closer. Make sure you check everything twice. For instance, confirm the address, if you’re arranging a meeting confirm directions & most importantly confirm their contact details, whilst reading it back.

Add Evidence

It’s always good to back up your evidence with some additional facts from customer testimonials to industry statistics and pricing projections. For instance, within the every competitive Energy Market, one of the main issues is billing accuracy. Therefore, something we’d present is testimonials and figures enthusing how we’re innovating to confirm accuracy, by installing Automatic Meters & maintaining competitive prices.

To further back up your testimonials, compare them to industry trends & competitors. Don’t bad mouth your competition as it puts you in a bad light. Learn from them, follow & improve your service based on how Market Leaders approach sales situations.

Plan a day ahead

Dedicate the last hour, as your day of trading moves to a close. Focus on what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. Curate a list of leads to follow up. Become your own boss, develop your own sales process.

  • Set yourself a theme for each segment you provide for.
  • Write a new script for each and set yourself an “improvisation strategy” to ensure you stay on topic. Think about what you’re going to forget before you forget it. (Remind yourself of the nitty gritty bits)
  • By summarising your T&Cs, you’ll always have the foundations to answer customer queries & sales enquiries as they come in.
  • Not everything goes to plan, so set a contingency, fill your screen with sticky notes, make sure you have sufficient product knowledge & there’s no question you cannot answer.

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