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How to make your restaurant energy efficient?

So you’re involved in the day to day running of a small café or restaurant. We know how busy your day to day lives will be, with the hustle and bustle of customers flying through your restaurant. We’ll turn up the heat during your dinnertime rush – Don’t worry though with our competitive prices and commitment to installing AMRs, creating an atmosphere to improve restaurant energy efficiency.

If your reading this, you have a sound business plan in place to grow as a market challenger in a world where everyone’s a “foodie.” However, have you ever considered taking more control of your restaurant energy supply?

If not, it’s time to reevaluate your current energy supply situation. Take some time when you’re not too busy at work and contact your energy supplier, find out what contract you’re on, when it’s due for renewal!

Reason being is you might be set up on a tariff that doesn’t suit your business. For example, in contract with one the big 6 suppliers, if you’ve not been monitoring your energy supply you might have been placed on a standard tariff, not suited to your business. At Crown we want to ensure our customers are able to remain in control of their restaurant energy: especially if you’re running a smaller site. We know it can be a headache keeping track of all your overheads. Business energy management should be the easiest to manage, especially with the assistance of an energy broker.

Now we’ll look at new and innovative techniques to help you keep track of your restaurant energy costs, manage your consumption levels and help you take back some control over your energy consumption. We’ve come up with four simple, yet effective techniques to give you a better understanding of energy spend and allowing you to become a “Greener brand.”

Business energy supply

For a more efficient energy supply consider:

Make an Observation

As simple as it sounds, observe your day to day activity; look at the equipment that you use, you could have your computers, your electrics or your heating turn on when it’s not needed. Employees could be using your utilities unnecessarily. Making an observation and having a look around will confirm your suspicions. By comparing your monthly gas or electricity bills you’ll notice whether your actions have helped you save on your energy supply.

Track energy consumption

Are your plates too hot? Do you make too many brew’s in a day? Then take a look at your current consumption patterns whether it’s online or you could even compare you past energy bills. It’s doesn’t matter how far back you go, measuring 2 months at a time would give you a good idea of how to progress for future periods. At Crown we want your experience with us to run smoothly; you won’t receive any corporate jargon; our business gas supply services are straightforward, translated and understanding if you’re not 100% clear on the technical energy terms.

Utilise your supplier’s resources

As we touched upon in the early post, introducing our services to small businesses. We currently working on a function within our exclusive customer portal so your business can easily keep track their business natural gas supply with us. What’s important to us over the coming month is for our small business customers to be able to take more control, we want to small business energy management to become less of a strain on your day to activities.

Here’s what we can do for a site like yours:

  • Customer Portal access for online, translated account management.
  • You can consume up to 500,000 Kwh on our SME contracts
  • Our flexible length gas supply contracts start from 3 months.
  • Flexible payments terms: if you come to struggle with payments, we’ll amend a payment plan to help your business.
  • Automated Meter Reader installations.

Become a Green Brand

Being a “Green business” should become one of your unique selling points. Make it your mission to constantly improve your energy efficiency. Not all companies can brag about being green, when your marketing materials point out your businesses corporate social responsibility, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.

Here’s what you could do

Use items that cause minimal damage to the environment: This means taking immediate action about what packaging or natural resources you use. Plus, your method of waste disposal and even driving habits should be looked at.

Analysing your carbon footprint and taking action where needed: Whilst not everything is within your control, you can see the extent of your carbon footprint and improve it where you can. For example, you may have to drive or may be in a job which has a big impact on the environment, but these cannot necessarily be avoided.

Help others be eco-friendly: This may not be so easy, but every little helps. So, notifying your friends and family about their actions and what impact it has on the environment might help lead to a positive change. They may be unaware of the consequences of their actions on a daily basis and so a small change could really go a long way.

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