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Saving Hotel Energy. Without Creating a dark, cold, haunting retreat

Let’s make it easier to manage and monitor your hotel energy!

You might have a fully booked. Flamboyant. Renowned hotel situated in the city centre, at the airport or in a remote countryside village. Your premises is flocking with tourists. But do you know how much energy you’re consuming each night or throughout your busiest period.

Whether you’re regular visitors are the UK’s busiest business professionals, travelling families or a group of partying friends on a Saturday night. Regardless, how often do your housekeeping staff turn off lights, taps and heating in inactive rooms? Quite often I’d assume. 

Do you struggle to keep track of your hotel energy consumption?

Are you worried about your hotel energy bill matching your nightly rates?

If you’re looking to make your hotel property greener, improve energy efficiency and reduce your hotel’s energy bills. You’re in the right place read on for some invaluable energy saving tips: assisting you to save energy, increase your revenue and further enhance your reputation. But don’t turn into a dark, haunted hotel!

Maintaining Hotel Energy


Saving hotel power

We’re aware that a bright and cosy, hospitable service makes your brand unique. Therefore, to begin with we’ll look at numerous electrical changes you could make in order to start saving on your hotel energy. “Low voltage, high vacancy” should become your unofficial tagline. Consider simply installing LED lighting across your premises ensuring lower consumption for longer usage.  This provides a more subtle approach, avoiding any drastic changes to your hotel energy supply. Simply ensuring you state the foundations to start saving electricity.

Low Voltage, High Vacancy

Saving hotel gas

This winter is coming around thick and fast, more and more visitors will flock through your doors, with thick coats and large baggage. Looking at them you’ll be thinking profit. But think again; they’d probably turn up the heating all night. This is a problem as it’s not within your control and we know 100% customer satisfaction is key to everything, particularly when remaining hospitable. 

Therefore, what we emphasise to consumers that heating your premises we gas, provides a more cost effective approach than using electric heaters. Furthermore, it’s known that natural gas provides a more energy efficient alternative when heating your premises.

Create a Smart Environment

Alternatively, time switches can become a pivotal asset to your business, although with the advancements in Smart technology, the time switch is becoming a thing of the past. Although, they do provide a quick alternative to ensure electricity or heating is shut down after a certain period of inactivity.

Time Switches – too far back, in the past? Think Smart

In addition, start to think about creating a Smart environment. With the advancements in technology it’s important to consider experimenting with the latest technology available.

Not only will this ensure you start saving on your energy. But as a large or small scale hospitality company you’ll be able create a new and innovating, premium offering to your customers. Eventually, your hotel could partner with a Smart provider allowing customers to experience Smart technology within your hotel. Further creating a great PR opportunity for your business.

Smart Metering – Easily monitor hotel energy

With the government’s rollout of Smart Meters and AMR, coming into play managing your hotel’s electricity supply has never been easier. Not only will you be able to save on your monthly bill, but you’ll be able to control your energy consumption at your fingertips with easier online or mobile access to your consumption.

Hotel utility metering connections

As you’ve begun to make amends by including more efficient power initiative to your hotel premises you would also need to consider the technical issues. Such as increasing or decreasing your electricity supply. 

You will want to ensure your site’s meter connection is suited to the amount of energy you consume. For instance large commercial sites might require a larger meter or multiple meters on your site.

Firstly, consider your, hotel’s gas meter(s) connection and whether it’s suitable for your site. Whether that involves changing the gas pressure or removing and relocating your hotels meter.

The main consideration is ensuring your gas meter connection can be adapted to your sites pressure and maintain an accurate consumption flow.

Which is why at Crown we encourage an AMR to be installed which will disable the chance of receiving estimated gas bills, ensuring any overcharge doesn’t come from inaccuracies and dissimilarity. Alternatively, submitting regular meter readings will further ensure you save and aren’t billed to estimates.

Avoid an estimated hotel energy bill

We know that the number of estimated bills provide immense frustration for business gas or electricity customers. We know it can be time consuming to regularly monitor and maintain accurate energy flow. Further emphasising the importance of online energy monitoring.

For instance, Crown’s customers are able to monitor their energy consumption and view all bills conveniently online. In addition to our regular push. Reminding customers to submit meter readings every month.

Moreover, it would seem like a long drawn out process managing energy. Particularly if you’re running a complex multi-meter or numerous properties.

However, by dedicating at least half a day to energy management at the end of each month will ensure you make exceptional savings.


  • Devote time to monitor your consumption patterns – online or compare previous bills
  • Submit monthly meter readings

Once you’ve started to save hotel energy – Become a Greener Brand

Becoming a Green Brand can become an important USP to your business. As more and more consumers’ become aware of the global issues that impact the environment it’s clear that taking greener measures will enhance your hotel’s reputation.

In addition, “going green” might still be in the developmental process for some businesses. It’s not something everyone can brag about. Therefore, break the mould, produce an efficient hotel energy plan and attempt to action the above tips to start saving.

It’s not just reducing your energy consumption that builds a Green Brand. Packaging, resources, waste disposal and suppliers you choose can have an impact. In fact, even your employee’s habits can have an impact on consuming hotel energy.

Consider getting employees involved too, incorporate car pool schemes or if accessible encourage walking or cycling to work groups.

Therefore, by incorporating your green brand into your promotional material will encourage your customers to also get involved. From notices on your website to emails or welcome packs.

We know it can be difficult getting others involved in energy efficiency. Therefore, by making subtle, easy changes; hotel energy management will be cost effective. More manageable. Even more enjoyable.commerical hotel energy management

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