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Adventurous in business; struggling with business energy management!

 Are you struggling to keep track of your monthly energy spend? Are you an adventurous, High Street Entrepreneur? Do you employ less than 10 people? Read on you’re in the right place. Our gas supply services can be adapted for small business energy management.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can offer:

  • Flexible length gas contracts up to 48 months.
  • Service accustomed to your working environment.
  • Automated meter reader installations.
  • New Gas Connections.

Take 5 minutes out of your day, contact your business energy supplier, find out how much your consuming, get in touch with our business energy advisers and you could be on the way to saving by switching to us.

We’ll help you take more control

Our Micro business natural gas supply service has been created so businesses consuming less than 293,000 kwh can benefit from great savings on their business energy. You’ll also need to confirm the number of employees if any. Ofgem regulates that Micro businesses must have a turnover less than £2 million and under 10 employees. Additionally, it’s important to take note of your current supplier’s terms and conditions because some suppliers do offer an amendment to their standard terms for smaller businesses.

Educate yourself; begin to take more control of your energy consumption

To qualify as a micro business, let your supplier learn about your business; this way you’ll be able to make sure your business energy contract is suited to your business. For example, at Crown Gas and Power we’re able to adapt our natural gas supply service to organisations of different shapes and sizes. Does your small business fit into one of these categories? Keep your eye on this blog, we’re coming up with new ways to help your business manage energy.

There are numerous, easy ways to save your business time, energy and money throughout your gas supply contract. Here’s how Crown can help you to save. Firstly, dedicate half a day each month to measure how much energy you’ve consumed, compare your previous bills against each other and take the latest months reading. This’ll give you an idea of your surroundings, and you’ll be able to come up with easy alternatives to save energy. This could be as simple as:

  • Turning off computers and lighting.
  • Opening windows opposed to using your air conditioning.
  • Only use electrical equipment when necessary.
  • Submitting meter readings regularly to avoid estimated energy bills.

Remember your yearly spend

One of the most important figures to keep track of when switching or renewing a business gas supply contract you’ll need to make a note of your consumption levels throughout the year. Your Annual Quantity is the figure that sets the boundary for your latest energy quote. Therefore, by considering some of the above simple tips you’ll receive a more competitive business energy quote.

Improve your business energy efficiency

Going green is important for most businesses throughout the UK and Globally. Now as a small business, it’s not likely that you’ll have a dedicated employee to manage/procure energy or you may not have the time to incorporate a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, however we think it’s pivotal to create an initiative considering the environmental effects that occur when your consuming. At Crown, we’ve worked in fossil fuels for over 60 years as part of the Crown Oil Group therefore, we know the impacts fuel consumption can have on the environment.

Here’s what you could incorporate

  • Change your journey to work (even car share or cycle).
  • Audit your energy usage.
  • Receive utility connection advice, ensure your energy flows smoothly.
  • Become a “Green brand” if you run a coffee shop being a green business could become your USP.

Compare your bills

We touched on comparing your energy bills above. So let’s think about this, by taking the time to revisit those invoices from the previous months, take a note of the consumption and price pattern, if there are any changes; have a think did anything out of the ordinary happen in the office that month? Why was my bill so high?

Maybe you had a client visit or your shop was exceptionally busy that month due to a special promotion, anything can impact your consumption levels. Are you going away this month and will the office or shop be maintained by another employee, don’t be afraid to make them aware if your bills are too high?  You’re not working in a skyscraper, so why should your bill hit the top.

Log in to your customer account

Another advantage of the internet and consumption tracking in 2016 is that energy suppliers allow their customers to keep track of their monthly energy consumption and manage payments.

As a smaller business, you’d have everything in one place, usually all you’ll need to do is export your data to include in your own existing system. We’d recommend organising a folder on your computer titled “energy supply” then create monthly folders, this’ll help your store invoices and keep track of what you’ve paid and consumed. Having these details together might make it easier for you to switch. At Crown we pride ourselves on our hassle free, straightforward approach to switching natural gas supply.

Gain more accurate meter readings

Although, it’s not just how you operate on a daily basis, there are other incentives for smaller businesses to save on energy consumption. Keep up to date with news, as the government are always coming up with new initiatives to help businesses and homes save on energy, to increase accurate energy bills.

Take smart metering for example, at Crown we encourage all our customers to have an automated meter reader (AMR) installed, this enables you to take a more relaxed approach to energy management. Instead of submitting a reading each month you’ll be able benefit from an automatic meter reading which updates our systems each month so we can accurately bill.

Although, sometimes micro business owners may find it more beneficial to supply their own meter readings each month to improve accuracy, other energy suppliers may only offer you an AMR if you consume above a certain quantity.

Now you’ve learnt more about business energy management

To wrap up, the main message we’d like you to focus on is being able to take more control of your energy supply. By keeping track of your consumption and keeping on top of your monthly invoices, you’ll know exactly where you’re up to, what you owe and what you’ve saved. In a nutshell take note of the following points when you consider switching business gas suppliers.

  • Make a note of your AQ – this’ll provide the backbone for your quote.
  • Compare your business gas bills from other suppliers.
  • Consider Smart metering for electricity or an AMR installation for gas.
  • Make the most of your supplier’s resources.
  • Controling your consumption and submitting regular readings is key to small business energy management.

Quite a number of business energy management consultancies across the UK focus on SME’s and sourcing competitive quotes from across the utility sector. Nowadays, although it’s convenient, it’s not always the best option to “stick with the big six.” Explore the market, look at smaller, niche, independent gas suppliers and reap the above benefits. Create a more relaxed and wholehearted work environment for yourself and you’ll see your business grow and your utilities will become a much smaller expense.


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