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SME Sustainability. Strange ideas to become more Eco-friendly

With changes to environmental and economic legislations, it’s important for businesses to adapt and become more ethically conscious. Start taking steps to improve SME sustainability. Previously, we’ve emphasised different approaches to tackling climate change and how sustainability is more than portraying environmental change; it’s making a difference.

For instance, the initial case study we focused on was the Harvard Business Review’s Report on Business Sustainability. Which focused on Singularity University and what some of their Graduates had done to make a difference — starting up sustainable businesses.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll take a light-hearted approach and discuss a few stranger ideas and products that could improve SME sustainability. Not recommended, without research.

SME Sustainability in popular culture

SME sustainability isn’t just looking to save energy, it’s changing the way you operate. From using Biodegradable soap to recycling and even changing your commute and working standards.

Recently, we’ve discovered a new television programme, Jungle Town on Viceland. The show about the makeshift town of Kalu Jala. Which is based in a Panamanian Rainforest; Kalu Jala is a fully sustainable University town, where Students, don’t only pay to study but to take part in the development of a remote and diverse sustainable community.

Socially Sustainable

Based on an article, from Huffington Post, we’ve discovered that over 257,000 Tweets mentioned the keywords “#Sustainability” or “#Susty.” From this survey, the online Newspaper interviewed one of the more influential Handles: John Khoo.

The article goes on to explain, a little more about sustainability and its importance on social media. Khoo explained how alliances can be formed on Twitter to promote and empower sustainability.

5 Strange Sustainable Products for an unsubtle changeover

Reusable toilet wipes

Everyone likes a home comfort in the office. Soft toilet tissues. So we’ve found a softer, reusable toilet tissue. They’re made from cloth and offer the home comforts of quilted toilet paper. However, with sustainability there’s always a drawback — it’s storing them to reuse. Hopefully, there won’t be too much of a stench.

Urine Batteries

Not the most appealing by a long shot. Did you know? Human urine has been proven to mix perfectly with other elements to create an AA Battery. The television remote won’t be the same again.

Stapleless Stapler

By far, the easiest! Do you ever get fed up when the stapler runs out? Cut out the fidgeting, with a Stapleless Stapler. Simply, it will cut out strips of paper and use those to keep your documents together. Whitepapers will never be the same again.

Renewable Dancing

Back in March, we discussed 7 strange renewable energy sources. With muscle power as one of them. Now dancing or movement, in general, could provide power at your office. A nightclub in London managed to offset the electricity from the dancefloor to cover 60% of clubs overall energy.

Driving with Cooking Oil

Furthermore, the Japanese developed a car that operates off the cooking oil from Tempura. Their aim was to raise awareness of Biofuels. Which today we know is possible with the launch of Tesla (we safely prefer). The car was trialled in the Paris to Dakar rallycross, they finished 68th out of 109. So cooking oil isn’t so bad after all.

strange product to help sme sustainability

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