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Switching business energy suppliers

Switching business energy suppliers: Going through a broker

Whether you’re in the insurance, banking, automotive or energy industry brokers provide an indispensable service to the marketplace. Within the energy industry, brokers are an invaluable channel to energy markets, this allows customers an opportunity to start switching business energy suppliers without the pressure of a direct sell.

For instance at Crown Gas and Power our energy brokers are invaluable to the service that we offer, each broker has a dedicated account manager in order provide the best service and supply to our customers.

1. Competition:

Consultants offer energy suppliers something different. They’ll make your brand more competitive. Many suppliers will offer a differentiated price to brokers in comparison to selling directly. Simply because a broker will look to provide the best deal for the customers, and suppliers know they’ll have to compete for the business. Surely this makes it easier when switching energy suppliers?

2. Consulting Services:

What an energy broker is able to offer you is your own consultant to manage your deal, get you the best quote and ensure the gas supplier is ready for installation. The majority of the market leaders within the energy marketplace (such as the big 6) are only interested in quoting a price and signing a contract.

3. No Legwork

Whereas, when working with an Independent Gas Supplier your business would get a more personalised service. This would also permit the energy broker to be able to take a step back from their client until the contracts up for renewal.

4. Better than comparison sites:

Nowadays, if you search the terms “business gas supplier” or “gas supplier” on a search engine you’ll be inundated with advertisements from companies such as Go Compare, Compare the Market and other comparison websites, claiming to offer you a cheaper deal. However, this is where going through a broker could work for you, there’s no legwork, with one call they’ll find you better quotes by meeting with the suppliers fswitching business energy suppliersor you. All you’ll actually have to do as the end user is sign the contract and be on the premises during installation.

5. Accurate Billing: 

Paying your bill, my favourite part of the process. Another tip is to ensure all pricing components are included in your monthly business bill. When you choose an independent gas supplier such as Crown Gas & Power we will work with our brokers extensively in order to ensure your bill is exactly as it was quoted. We know install automated meter readers in order to add convenience to our natural gas supply customers.

Although as discussed in our early post there are government taxes included in your bill which fluctuate based on your consumption patterns, so it’s important to monitor how much gas you’re consuming.

Supply & Service 

To us at Crown supply and service are separate. Yes we are a gas supplier and being a corporate socially responsible company, we ensure the process of extracting and supplying gas is ethical to our environment.

Differently, as we have impenetrable relationships with our brokers we can separate our service from our supply. We aim to be there throughout all our customer journeys from the installation of gas meters, to helping you manage your bills, meter readings and contract renewals.

Our slogan is “putting all our energy into providing yours” and that’s exactly what our clients should expect once their contract is signed, sealed and delivered.

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