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Autumn Statement: Adapting to change

Does Philip Hammond have the toughest job in country?

Well it’s possible that he might. Trying to restore everyone’s confidence during a period of political change is never going to be easy. But as a financial and economic professional, it comes with the job description.  Within this post we shall focus on adapting to change, motivation, determination and drive to succeed.

Whatever you hear today. Yes it might effect your business growth, but it’s always important to stand up to the challenge, become and leader and thrive under the pressures of a mass market or in Mr Hammond’s view an “angry mob.”

Here we’ll discuss a few tips and tricks to maintain your business’s stature and develop as an influential leader within the commercial world.

Empower your team

Make you are able to make decisions that’ll positively impact your entire stakeholder group. Particularly if you employ a large number of people. Empowerment goes a long way. The basic fundamentals involve treating subordinates equally, allowing them the authority to take more responsibility over daily business matters.

Adapt to change

With the Autumn Statement well underway, being able to adapt to change is an impartial trait for influential leaders. It’s important that as economic decisions are made such as Brexit or changes to different legislation; you’re company needs to become more familiar if a change directly effects you.

Get up to speed, take the challenge, differentiate and you’ll maintain those profitable relationships.

Actively Listening

Once a change occurs and it’s likely today, as the Autumn Statement will start to take it’s effect. Actively listening to others views on matters you’re unsure about will help you familiarise. For instance, we mentioned in a previous post about taking advice from external sources. Listen and take note of industry changes from an expert consultant. Usually these advisers have a thorough insight and can provide advice not all business leaders possess.

Honesty & Openness

Being honest is another key foundation for success. With the exciting Autumn Statement on the way, Phillip Hammond and the economical cabinet will be working on an honest and ethical option to push the countries economy forward.

Being open with your peers and colleagues is important when maintaining successful relationships. Whatever you’re overall aim is, maintaining honesty and taking more responsibility for your actions, presents you as an influential, amicable and powerful leader.

Be Ambitious: Let the world evolve around your business

Being passionate and ambitious about how you think the world should look is a pivotal trait to adding influence to your business paradigm. Make sure to involve yourself within all areas of your business. When launching new product or venture, whilst leading it towards success consider the above traits, make sure you’re presenting an honest and accurate message. Benefit your audience whilst actively listen to feedback; whilst empowering your people. Furthermore, make sure you’ve researched, adapting to change after political differences (such as the Autumn Statement) is important for future business growth and personal development.


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