Moving Premises

Moving or selling your business can be a stressful time.  There are a few steps you need to take with us to ensure a smooth transaction.

 Moving out

If you are moving out of your premises, please notify us 28 days in advance.  The best way to do this is by completing our Change of Tenancy Form from our Online Document area here: Download 

Is it really that simple?
It can be. However, if you fail to notify us that you have moved out of your premises, we will still charge you for the gas, until you tell us otherwise. It is therefore in your best interest to let us know about your move, as soon as you can.

Packing Boxes

Moving In

Handing over keys If you are moving into premises where we supply the gas, you need to let us know you are there, by completing the Change of Tenancy from our Online Document area here: Download 

The Important Stuff
Until we receive the completed Change of Tenancy form, you will be placed on our deemed rates. The deemed rates run from the date you move into the premises up until you either sign a new contract with us, or you have switched gas providers.