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Environmentally Friendly Energy

Environmentally friendly energy is a very widespread term that is being used more and more frequently these days. You can even see people describing themselves as “eco-friendly” in dating profiles, as a way to show others that they care about the environment.

However, what does this term actually mean? It is a synonym for being environmentally friendly and preventing harm to the environment. Many countries have spent a lot of time looking for alternatives to fossil fuels in the form of renewable energy sources.

Different types of environmentally friendly energy

Compressed Natural Gas:

This is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to propane, gasoline or diesel. It is much safer in terms of when spilled, as it is much lighter and so disperses very quickly. More natural gas vehicles are being used now, especially in Europe, due to the increase in gas prices.

Renewable Power:

Energy is created by wind turbines and windmills capturing the wind between internal blades and converting it into other forms of useful energy, such as electricity. A great benefit of wind power is that they do not produce any hazardous waste or emissions of any kind. It is just a clean and efficient way of generating electricity and mechanical power.

How to be Environmentally Friendly

It is not only big companies who can help the environment by using renewable energy sources, but everyone can help in some way, just by being aware of what affects the environment. Essentially, there are three things you can do:

  1. Use items that causes minimal damage to the environment: This means taking immediate action about what packaging or natural resources you use. Plus, your method of waste disposal and even driving habits should be looked at.
  2. Analysing your carbon footprint and taking action where needed: Whilst not everything is within your control, you can see the extent of your carbon footprint and improve it where you can. For example, you may have to drive or may be in a job which has a big impact on the environment, but these cannot necessarily be avoided. However, you can perhaps change the type of car you drive to be eco-friendlier.
  3. Help others be eco-friendly: This may not be so easy, but every little helps. So, notifying your friends and family about their actions and what impact it has on the environment might help lead to a positive change. They may be unaware of the consequences of their actions on a daily basis and so a small change could really go a long way.

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