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Environmental Policy Drives Natural Gas Use

China is expected to lead the growth of natural gas consumption with global levels in 2040 rising to 485 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d).

The increase from 340Bcf/d in 2015, has been attributed to significant new Asian and Middle Eastern environmental policies along with lower fuel costs.

Measures which are seeing the regions switch to natural gas from other fossil fuels.

The US Energy Information Administration claims that China is likely to account for over 25% of global natural gas usage growth before 2040.

China’s increase in natural gas usage has been put down to their intention to reduce emissions and pollution and switching over from coal and oil power generation.

The Energy Information Administration predicts that China’s gas usage will be around 57Bcf/d which is higher than all other countries except for the US.

China expects to increase the use of natural gas to 10% of its energy mix by 2020 and 15% by 2030.

In contrast, US gas usage is expected to rise to 88Bcf/d in 2040, up 13Bcf/d from 2016 levels.

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