General FAQs

Q: How can I contact you?

Telephone Number – 0161 762 7744

Fax Number – 0161 761 2957

Customer Services –

Billing and Credit Control –

E-Chat –

When contacting us please always have your account number or site number to hand.

Q: Where will I find my account number?
You can find your account number on the top right-hand side of your invoice, just underneath your Crown Reference number.
Q: How do I register for the customer portal?
In order to register for this free service, we need to ensure that we have your correct contact details on file, as this will be
a security requirement. As such we request that you provide us with your latest email address as well as contact telephone number.
The above information can be submitted to us via email to, or by telephone on 0161 762 7744.Once you have provided us with an email address, you can then click on the customer portal link on our website
From here you can click the register button and you will be asked to provide your account number, email address and Crown Reference (CE) number.
All of this information can be found on the ‘your account summary’ page of the welcome pack.
Q: How can I submit meter readings?

Meter readings can be submitted via the following methods:

Telephone – 0161 762 7744

Email –

Online –

Q: How will my gas meter be read?

Your meter will be read in line with industry guidelines. Unfortunately, these guidelines mean that not all meters are read regularly, even though you receive invoices monthly. Your meter is read by third-party meter reading agencies. We use the same agencies as all other UK suppliers.
To make life easier for you we will be upgrading your gas meter with an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) device. More details about AMR can be found here.
Having an AMR will enable us to read your gas meter remotely and use the readings to accurately calculate future billing invoices, eliminating the need for us to produce an estimated gas bill.

Q: Why do I need my meter upgrading to AMR?

Having an AMR installed on your gas meter enables us to take a reading remotely removing the inconvenience of you having to provide us with readings regularly. Such readings will allow us to bill you to actual readings and provide you with detailed consumption relating to your energy usage. For some high consuming customers, we are required to install an AMR to meet a requirement as set out by our regulator OFGEM.

Q: What is a unit rate/charge?
Unit charges relate to the amount of gas you actually use, measured in ppkWh.
Q: What is a standing charge?
The standing charge is payable to national grid for rental of the meter. This means that it is constant, no matter how much gas you use.
Q: What is Climate Change Levy (CCL)?
CCL is a government-imposed tax to encourage a reduction in gas emissions and greater efficiency of energy used for business and non-domestic purposes.
Q: What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?
VAT is a government imposed tax on the supply of goods and services. There are currently 2 VAT rates applicable to the supply of gas – the standard rate and the reduced rate.
Q: Why am I paying full VAT? How do I claim VAT reduction?
Some customers are entitled to a reduced VAT rate (e.g. if you are a charity). In order to claim this,
please complete a VAT declaration form and return it to us. This can be found here
Q: What are the current rates on my contract?

A copy of your contract is available in the Customer Portal. We will also display your current contract status on your invoice as well as clearly itemising the gas unit rate and standing charge we are billing you to. If you need further details please contact us via one of the methods below

Telephone – 0161 762 7744

Email –

Please note if this request is from a broker, a valid letter of authority will be required prior to any information being provided.

Q: What does ‘Out of Contract’ mean?
Energy suppliers charge customers ‘out of contract’ rates when a contract has ended or where no renewal has been agreed. Out of contract rates are usually more expensive than contract rates because we are unable to purchase your energy from the market in advance, which is what allows us to charge lower rates under formal contracts.
We will continue to charge you on an out of contract rate basis until you agree to a formal supply contract with us, or switch to another supplier.
Q: Can I get a copy invoice?
Yes, you can get a copy of these by logging onto the Customer Portal. Alternatively, we can issue you with copy invoices or credit notes.
Just let us know via telephone (0161 762 7744) or email ( which ones you require and we will send them over to you.You can also view and print copy invoices at any time by using the customer portal.


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