Automated Meter Reader

What is an Automated Meter Reader?

An Automated Meter Reader (AMR) is a device which connects into your meter and automatically sends us your energy consumption. We receive this data directly allowing us to bill you to an actual meter reading, putting an end to those estimated bills. Additionally we can display your consumption on our Web Portals allowing you to download your consumption on a half-hourly, daily, weekly or monthly level. With this data you can directly monitor your energy consumption and look at ways of energy saving.


Automated Meter Reading

Does my business require an Automated Meter Reader?

If your annual gas consumption is greater than 732,000 kWh then we are legally required to install an AMR in order to comply with the Governments Advanced Meter Obligation.

Due to the far-reaching benefits of AMR we are also proactively installing these on our small gas consuming sites too.

How does an Automated Meter Reader work?

An AMR connects directly onto your meter and records the metered consumption. Using existing GPRS technology the AMR will transmit its data directly to us as your supplier.

How does an Automated Meter Reader benefit you the customer?

  • Time-saving and Convenience: You won’t have to contact us to provide us with an actual reading because this is now done for you
  • Accurate Billing: There will be no more surprise estimated bills
  • Energy Saving: By downloading your energy consumption from our Portals you can see in your energy consumption habits.  With such data to hand, you can employ ways of reducing energy across your business

Will my supply be disrupted when an Automated Meter Reader is fitted?

In most cases, an AMR can just be connected to your existing meter. Should there be a requirement to upgrade your meter, our commercial partners will let you know about this in advance and work with you to arrange a convenient time for the works to be undertaken to keep disruption to a minimum.

How do I get an Automated Meter Reader installed?

To have an AMR installed or for more details please complete our AMR form here and send us the details to If you have any further questions please contact us on 0161 762 7744

I already have an Automated Meter Reader can you receive the data?

In most cases, we can receive your data automatically without you having to do anything. If you notice that we are not using your AMR data please get in touch with us and we will check our data connection.


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