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Ofgem End of Tariff Plans Outlined

Ofgem has announced a new plan to give customers the freedom to change energy supplier at the end of a fixed term contract without being hit with cancellation fees. Ofgem plans to ensure all customers have the ability to switch … Read more

Natural Gas Remains Despite Decarbonisation

According to the International Energy Agency, natural gas is the only fossil fuel likely to remain in mainstream use in the energy mix over the coming decades. As the market moves toward a cleaner and increasingly renewable energy mix, natural … Read more

SMEs to Save Money With Energy Audits

Government research has found that the majority of SMEs who participated in the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audit saved over £200 over the course of a year. The scheme advises small and medium-sized businesses on energy efficiency and identifies … Read more

Power Sector Emission Plans Revealed

The UK government has delivered a response to issues and recommendations raised by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The CCC advised on the UK power sector and how it might lessen its environmental impact and reach carbon targets. The … Read more

Pollution Monitoring Satellite Sent to Space

A new pollution monitoring satellite has been sent into space from Russia. Built in the UK, the satellite began transmission with earth 93 minutes after launch, 14 minutes after its 3 solar panels had been deployed. The Sentinel-5 Precursor, is … Read more

Government to Clean Up Industry

The Industrial Sector has been earmarked for decarbonisation in new government plans. The sector, which produces almost 25% of the UK’s total emissions will see specific technologies and pathways set up to help the most energy and carbon-intensive companies. The … Read more

Energy Price Cap Unsuitable for UK

The Northern Energy Taskforce has claimed that the government’s proposed energy price cap is not suitable in the long term and does nothing to drive forward the plans set out in the clean growth strategy. It insists the best way … Read more

SME Opportunities in Clean Growth Strategy

The Government’s newly published Clean Growth Strategy sets out a number of opportunities for SMEs across the country. The UK played a primary role in the creation of the 2015 Paris Agreement in which, for the first time, 195 countries (representing … Read more

North Yorkshire Fracking Plans Approved

Fracking has been approved in North Yorkshire. The site in Kirby Misperton run by Third Energy has been given the go-ahead to extract shale gas through the controversial fracking method despite opposition from protestors. CEO of Third Energy, Rasik Valand … Read more

UK to Miss Emissions Targets

The UK Government has set out its Clean Growth Strategy which aims to boost national income and output whilst simultaneously cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The Government’s newly published strategy suggests that despite emissions targets being exceeded for the 2nd and 3rd … Read more

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