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Attracting customers. 5 Tips to draw more people off the street

Attracting customers shouldn’t just be obtaining attention through the mass media. It might seem like a great strategy to hit as many national, regional or local media outlets as possible. However, don’t be naive! Don’t oversell yourself as you’re starting … Read more

Managing Time: How to prioritise your business day?

It’s Monday, you’ve laid out your schedule perfectly this week, you’ve set out your calendar & set your daily tasks. However, you’ve noticed that you’re falling slightly behind. You aren’t managing time efficiently & you are now 15 minutes off … Read more

Overcoming Failure: What makes you fall at the first hurdle?

Where do you find motivation? We all get that feeling. “It’s been a long week.” Why can’t the weekend get here a bit quicker so we can start again on Monday. When you’re struggling to find motivation; overcoming failure is … Read more

Pitch Perfect: How to make the perfect sale?

Our Account Managers will help you get pitch perfect If your confidence has dented slightly. If you have hit that sales brick wall. If you’re not on target this month. No worries, because our Account Managers have taken 5 minutes … Read more

Advancing technology: Built for your business

How can advancements in technology help your business to save? A decade ago the smartphone was just about to hit new heights as the first iPhone was due for release in 2007. Now advancing technology can be used for more … Read more

General Election 2017: A Manifesto Overview

What effect will the General Election have on the Energy Industry? There is one day remaining until polling for our General Election begins. We’ve decided to offer a short review of the each Party’s Manifestos in relation to the Energy … Read more

Productive mobile apps for Summer

Productive mobile apps to take your mind off your collegues Summer holiday plans We’ve entered the traditional, British Summer. As the gloomy weather looms over us, you’ll start to notice the seats emptying around you. Yes it’s holiday season, which … Read more

Business Sustainability. Adapt your services to benefit others

There are more and more alternatives to manage your day to day. From productive applications to sharing applications. These are important, available assets you could use to help improve business sustainability. Tackling climate change and maintaining your corporate social responsibility … Read more

Motivated workforce: 5 ideas to instil innovation

Building a team is one thing. Retaining and keeping a highly motivated workforce is another. There’s more to keeping your employees happy than a regularly increasing paycheck. Money isn’t everything. Moreover, everyone’s different, there’s no point generalising — don’t use … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Make sure you’re always a step ahead

As technology advances. How can we avoid being replaced by AI? From the power shower to the Smartphone. Technology has seen intense advancement over the last few decades. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time until those Hollywood Science Fiction … Read more

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