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Ofgem End of Tariff Plans Outlined

Ofgem has announced a new plan to give customers the freedom to change energy supplier at the end of a fixed term contract without being hit with cancellation fees. Ofgem plans to ensure all customers have the ability to switch … Read more

Energy Price Cap Unsuitable for UK

The Northern Energy Taskforce has claimed that the government’s proposed energy price cap is not suitable in the long term and does nothing to drive forward the plans set out in the clean growth strategy. It insists the best way … Read more

Winter Price Cap Highly Unlikely

It is claimed that Theresa May’s energy price cap will not be live until next year. Ofgem have suggested that due to time constraints around the creation of new legislation, this winter is much too optimistic a target. The creation … Read more

Prime Minister to Publish Price Cap Draft

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to produce a draft bill which will cap energy bill prices. The pledge was made during her speech at the Conservative Party Conference where she stated that the current energy market ‘punishes consumer loyalty … Read more

European Green Power Demand Grows 39%

According to the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), European Green Power demand increased by 39% within a year. The statistics show a growing trend of individuals buying renewable electricity with Guarantees of Origin, rather than opting for a standard ‘grey’ … Read more

General Election 2017: A Manifesto Overview

What effect will the General Election have on the Energy Industry? There is one day remaining until polling for our General Election begins. We’ve decided to offer a short review of the each Party’s Manifestos in relation to the Energy … Read more

When’s a good time to change your tariff?

The last thing you’ll be considering throughout the summer is switching energy tariff. But let’s think for for minute, your usage will be lower during the summer. Even in an unpredictable British summer! Should business owners switch energy suppliers in the summer months … Read more

5 Simple tips To Cut The Cost of Your Start Up Business

Starting a business is a risky venture but many start-ups are already putting themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to budgeting. Many start-up businesses have a tendency to overspend, while the saying you have to “spend money to make … Read more

Gas Pricing Matrix

Breaking News! Crown Gas & Power launch new gas pricing matrix. We now have more thresholds within the 100,000kWh bracket to make us more competitive within the SME market. Previously we had 3 thresholds, we now have 6. We can … Read more

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