Professional Pitching: How to win over the crowd?

No matter your level of confidence, professional pitching & mastering public speaking can be a huge outlay for any aspiring Sales Executive. Even the most experienced sales tycoons flutter at the sight of a suited reenactment of the Last Supper.

professional pitching. How to win over the crowd?

It’s important to remain focused and develop your own ritual. Look for motivation in the right places. We’ve recommended 5 of our favourite mobile apps, all aspiring salespeople should be using to channel those public speaking fears.

Using technology to improve professional pitching

For assistance in professional pitching to large audiences, your team or even providing a best man’s speech, try using Orai. Therefore, this mobile application uses Artificial Intelligence to provide feedback on your speech pace & your tone. You’ll hit the keynotes in no time.

Don’t be afraid. Listen to your own voice

Furthermore, Virtual Space provides professional pitching support, enabling users to simply upload a Powerpoint presentation and practice in front of a virtual audience. Whilst also providing voice analytics for constructive feedback. The app even works with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Who said talking to yourself was insane!

Stay in tune

Furthermore, if you’re worried about hitting all the wrong notes. Pro Metronome, which was developed to help stage performers stay in tune, is perfect if you’re just looking to stay on pace with your audience. Keeping them interested isn’t just in your voice, body language and moving around a little, creates a lasting impression. Don’t worry though, nobody expects a singalong.

Stay calm

To keep calm and avoid a stressful situation, shift your focus onto something else. Don’t overthink it. Which is why we recommend Headspace. Our tip to help excite professional pitching is to relax, meditate and put your mind on something else at least an hour before. You’ll already be well prepared for the meeting. You have the knowledge. You have the experience. Just channel those together to overcome those anxieties. Take time out. Stop Overthinking it.

Timed to Perfection

In addition, time management is crucial when pitching & public speaking. Blended with a clear & concise tone, confident appearance and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll curate a memorable experience for the recipients of your meeting or presentation. Therefore, use SpeakerClock, a simple timer inspired by the famous Ted Talks clock. Time it perfectly, like the professionals.

5 mobile apps that'll help you with professional pitching

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