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We will take away the pressure and liaise with all third parties involved to ensure the service delivered is to an exceptional standard and that it is completed within the requested timeline.
Dealing with any size contracts small, medium or large.
We will deal with calls from subcontractors, brokers and the end customer.
We will provide detailed reports as to where the project is up to.
We can provide prices and formal quotations to customers requiring additional works.


Gas Services

  • New Connections
    New house, business or a brand new connection? Simply provide us with the maximum gas usage for the property and we will provide you with a quote. If there is currently no gas connection at the property then we will able to guide you.
  • Upgrades/Downgrades
    Have the gas requirements changed at your property? Are you using more or less gas than before? We can upgrade or downgrade your meter with ease. Send us your details and we will happily send you a quote.
  • Service Disconnections
    Need to disconnect your Gas supply? The gas needs to be cut off and an engineer has to pass the site as clear, at this stage a certificate will be awarded. This ensures that there is no live gas supply and so no danger in case of demolition, redevelopment or movement on the site.
  • Relocation of Services
    Is the current meter causing an obstruction or is there to be redevelopment in the area where the current gas meter or gas pipes are located? Our site works team will manage the move from start to finish. We would require a map or diagram to enable us to complete this service efficiently.
  • Meters Services
    Our Site Works team are experts in project managing the installation of Gas Meters. We deal with a range of sizes including U6, U16, U25, U40, U65, U100 & U160.
    A Non-standard Meter will deliver a greater amount and provide medium, intermediate or high pressure.It requires the correct meter to provide the correct amount of Gas. Working closely with you our engineers will recommend the best for you.
  • Gas Pressure
    We have an obligation to ensure that your meter is legal and safe, also that the meter provides the minimum pressure of 19mbar to 21 mbar for a Standard Meter.
    Your project manager will ensure that this covers your needs and, if not, will find the most suitable for your requirements.
  • Gas Meter Housing
    Your site works co-ordinator will discuss with you the size of your meter and then give advice on the meter housing, ventilation and the position of the meter.
    This again will depend on the size of the meter and being standard or Non-standard.We have a legal obligation to ensure that the meter is safe and fit for purpose.


Full list of services

Gas Services Metering Works
Gas Service Work Installation of Standard Meters
New Connections Installation of Non-Standard Meters
Upgrades/Downgrades Meter Removals
Service Disconnections Meter Downgrades/Upgrades
Relocation of Services Gas Meter Housing
Alteration to Services Gas Pressure Increase
Meter Accuracy Test

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