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Advancing technology: Built for your business

How can advancements in technology help your business to save?

A decade ago the smartphone was just about to hit new heights as the first iPhone was due for release in 2007. Now advancing technology can be used for more than just telephone calls, emails, photos and internet searches. From you mobile, you can manage tasks, hold a video conference & even step into another dimension of Virtual Reality (VR).

For a number of small businesses and startups, purchasing and using the latest advancing technology might require a huge outlay from your budget. Therefore, it’s important to search the market, research and look for alternatives. It’s not just the major brands that obtain the best technology. There are loads of niche tech companies that offer the same.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen an increase in the use of wearable technology, artificial intelligence is improving & in 2016 over 17 billion applications were downloaded in the first quarter alone. Further emphasising that once you’ve obtained the more traditional hardware there’s an influx of options to cost effectively run the software and manage your day to day tasks.

Within today’s post, we’ll look at the latest advancing technology applications & devices to…
  1. Manage your finances
  2. Juggle your daily tasks
  3. Hold meetings
  4. Monitor performance
  5. Hold training sessions

Help with finances

Who pays with cash anymore? Nowadays contactless cards and online payment systems are gaining popularity. For instance, PayPal originally set up as the payment platform for eBay, now it has up to 203 million users worldwide. When you make a payment online, PayPal is the first point of call for many. It’s safer and more secure as it doesn’t require the consumer to display bank details on e-commerce sites. Simply pay with your email. Therefore, to manage your finances, make payments and take payments – give your customers the secure option of paying with PayPal.

Juggle your daily tasks

To manage your workflow with advancing technology, and to stay in control of tasks, use Trello, it’s free to use across all your devices. Furthermore, it’s easy to delegate tasks and add members of your team. With Trello, you’ll play less email tennis. However, it won’t produce Gantt charts and your can’t produce documents — only short descriptions.

Hold Meetings

The boardroom is no longer needed. With advancing technology, at the touch of a button on your phone or tablet, you could host a meeting with your stakeholders. Save time and money on travelling. Instead use Skype, Hangouts or Facetime. Start videoconferencing.

Monitoring Energy

In the UK, the government set forward a target for energy suppliers to install Smart Meters across all the sites they supply by 2020. The primary objective is to create a fair, accurate and reliable supply service. To add further convenience, by having a Smart Meter or Automated Meter Reader installed for commercial gas, consumers will have the opportunity to monitor spend and consumption daily. With advancing technology, it’s never been easier to take more control of your utility spending.

Hold training sessions

Furthermore, three-dimensional technology has also revived itself in the UK, with Virtual Reality (VR). But what is VR? Technically speaking it’s “a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.”

The days of the training centre are numbered. Unless you update that is. It’s time to adapt. Create a fun, lively & virtual training experience for your workers. Simply with advancing technology in Smartphones, you can create a bespoke training experience. We think VR training is particularly exciting for the retail & hospitality industries. Samsung & Google are currently leading the VR space.

Always stay in the loop

To conclude, to invest in advancing technology, it’s important to keep updated. There are new products released to the market all time — different styles & prices. Therefore, subscribe to producers blogs, attend technology events, look deeper, for an alternative & importantly, start to relive experiences, invest in Virtual Reality.

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial world. We do not currently supply electricity or domestic premises. If you’d like more information about our supply and connection services, get in touch with our team on 0161 762 7744.


using advancing technology to run a business

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