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Apocalypse Now. Letting the smart machines take over

Technology has advanced over the last few decades. Numerous inventions have surpassed us, from power showers. To dishwashers. To tv remotes. To social media. To the latest smart mobile phones.

Over the last 12 months the government has created new regulations for the energy market regarding Smart meters and AMR. Further explaining the benefits and encouraging more and more suppliers to utilise more advanced metering technology not just on a domestic scale. But within the business world as well.

Therefore, in this post we’ll discuss how technology is advancing, improving our productivity; taking away the minor tasks which can be crucial to running of our daily lives. Smart technology is on the rise. Whether you’re controlling your energy supply from your mobile phone or controlling your kitchen from your bathroom. With booming smart buildings not only will the latest technology ensure your becoming more productive. It allows you to preserve energy, improve security, offer peace of mind and most importantly help you to save money.

All Controls at your fingertips

With the majority of the general public now having access to smartphones, making smart technology 10x as convenient for all consumers. At the touch of a button you’ll be able to control your home or small office. Converting your premises to a smart hub, allows you to conveniently take complete control of your business or home’s functions from anywhere in the world.

Worried that you’ve left your lights on whilst you’re away for the week. Well there’s an app for that, simply control your power supply with a swipe on your mobile. But it’s not just energy that you’re able to control: there are no limitations to technology. New companies are always looking into the development of new and innovative applications to take control and start saving. From your mobile you can now control, home stereos, lighting, security, water, garage doors, windows, television, your pet’s food and groceries. The list is

Improved Smart Security

As well as monitoring your energy and improving luxuries the latest Smart technology advancements present the opportunity to protect your loved ones and valuables around your premises. There are security applications which can be installed in order to provide property owners the opportunity to monitor all in-comings and outgoings. This would be especially ideal if you’re running a large multi-functional warehouse. You will always be able to monitor your premises, keeping doors locked and cameras can be monitored from your phone – creating a secure environment to run your smarter business.

Furthermore, fire safety is another new smart advancement. Simply with a Nest smart smoke detector, you’ll receive warnings in cause of a fire emergency. Although, that’s not all, throughout the day these devices silently test themselves. Further, ensuring your safety without the annoying alarms bells.

Preserving Energy

With the more obvious uses of smart technology covered let’s move onto preserving energy across the home or office from your fingertips. For instance, Smart appliances, now present the opportunity to preserve energy whilst cooking. Simply change the temperature from your phone, or set a daily timer. Furthermore, with the Smart Thermostat, you’ll be able to keep control of central heating, turning the temperature up or down whether you’re on the way home from work or just leaving in the morning, ready for a cold evening. Power time switches are becoming a thing of the past, instead your lights and electronics can now be controlled from your mobile or tablet, ensuring you start saving on your electricity bills.

Cost Effectiveness

Whilst you’re monitoring your energy consumption you’ll be presented with an opportunity to remain more cost effective. It’s possible that with a smart advanced meters installed consumers could save as much as 30% on their energy bills. Although, this isn’t a set figure, you’re able to take more control of your bill. Suggesting that the increase in the roll-out of Smart meters are working and do encourage more customers to operate a greener commercial or domestic property, not only reducing their gas and electricity consumption, but also saving an incredible amount of money on your business gas.

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