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We have a prime focus to maintain our brand loyalty, and ensuring our customers are comfortable with our business services. We want to incorporate some of our values into your business, let’s see if we can help!

With less than exceptional customer service your businesses enhancing reputation could take a hit. The last thing you want is bad reviews, whether it’s online for Trustpilot, Amazon or other review sites. I’ve mentioned those two because regardless of your business model, whether your B2B City lawyer or B2C Boutique the below tips of the trade will begin to help your business grow, maintain your reputation and obtain strong brand loyalty.

Coming from the vastly competitive energy industry, customer service plays a pivotal role in securing strong brand loyalty. We know it’s common that customers often have issues with their energy supply. Within the last 18 months The Big Six firms (British Gas, EDF, Eon, N Power, Scottish Power and SSE) have effectively lost 660,000 customers. Looking at their scope this number may be small, which is why as an independent gas supplier, focusing on developing transparent relationships with customers and building that strong level of trust is pivotal to any organisation.

So the six areas that’ll help to maintain powerful customer relationships include:

  • Educating yourself about each customer’s needs.
  • Ensuring there comfortable using your product/service.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Get emotional; become involved in the Decision making process.
  • Give something back; add value with a promotion.

Ask questions, keep learning about your clients

Firstly, we’ll focus on educating yourself. Customers have their “needs” and their “wants.” Although, they sound similar there completely different. Over the years different psychological and marketing academics have define the two. A customer’s need is their necessity, for instance a company needs a gas or power supply in order to operate effectively. In contrast a customer’s want would be to expect their supply to conveniently suit their business model; such as having an automated meter reader installed. So our recommendation would be focus on what your customer wants and take their general needs as the foundations of your service.

Customers should be comfortable

When adhering to your customers’ needs it’s important that they are comfortable using your product and services. Whatever your selling especially within the ever-growing world of e-commerce, back up your product descriptions with higher quality aftersales service. Within the B2B sector when distributing high priced goods and services, dedicated account management with consistent communication allows your customer to feel at ease, knowing there’s always someone at the other end of the phone when a dilemma occurs.

Maintain credibility

Maintaining strong relationships with customers is built on trust. Actively engaging with your customers throughout all transactions will help to ensure there comfortable and you’ll have an opportunity to receive regular customer feedback.

Add value with the occasional promotion

As you’ll already have a strong value proposition, it could be beneficial to add further value, to improve brand loyalty, set yourself a list of previous customers who’ve purchased from your store. Encourage newsletter sign ups, keep them informed about a new offer, send them a coupon code give them a return on investment. Send a weekly newsletter discuss key trends, get personal, let your guard down, get emotional.

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