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Buisiness Self-help: 4 books you must read

We’ve discussed 10 inspiring Twitter Profiles to follow and some great productive applications to help you manage your tasks and time efficiently. Now we’ll recommend 4 of the best business self-help books to empower you to start taking more control of your business, processes and manage your work and personal life balance.

“Good to Great: Why some companies take the leap and others don’t…” — James Collins

To begin with, we’ve found a traditional gem. Jim Collins the creator of built to last defined a management study from the early 90s. He explained how “long term sustained performance can be engineered from the beginning.” His questions and theme of this business self-help book is to engineer success and encourage the small firm to take a leap and challenge the market leaders.

His study explains:

  • How over a 15 year period a list of companies grew and took on larger companies within the stock exchange, such as Coca-Cola & General Electric
  • Collin’s also compares the good and not so good companies, explaining what went wrong and how to be successful.

“7 habits of effective people” — Stephen Covey

Covey presents a “principle centre approach” to manage the typical issues that might occur within your personal and working life. He presents a great series of humorous and exhilarating personal anecdotes. Again this book was a decade ago in 2004. However his experience and honest views still present an inspired learning opportunity.

“How to win friends & influence people” — Dale Carnegie

Originally published in 1936, this favourite most famous, first best seller by Dale Carnegie presents 6 traditional methods to influence and win people over. A must read for any aspiring Sales Leaders, Account Executives, Entrepreneurs & Serial Networkers alike. Furthermore, you’ll learn a less aggressive & down to earth tactic to network and boost your working and social relationships.

“Think & Grow Rich” – Napolean Hill (1938)

Originally published in 1937; Napoleon Hill who was actually inspired by Carnegie. The he went on to publish his own work, “Think and Grow Rich.”

During one of the most iconic and difficult times for the business world. The Great Depression.

It is literature from this era, that we think creates the foundations for some of the best self-help books out there. The book contains Hill’s “Philosophy of Achievement” with 13 personal steps to take before achieving success.

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial world. However, we currently do not supply electricity. This post is based on research to inform and provide an opinion and insights for small & mid-market businesses alike.

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4 self-help business books

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