- 22 May 2017

Low budget business ideas: 5 you could start tomorrow

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Starting on a shoestring

Odds are that if you’ve found your way onto our blog you’re already managing or working for a successful, well-established business. However, within this post, we’ll present something a little different — 5 low budget business ideas that as an entrepreneur you could start tomorrow.
Starting up can be one of the most expensive, time-consuming and often mind-numbing periods for any entrepreneur. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your new idea is on budget and set to build a profitable future for yourself.
Previously, we’ve emphasised on the money involved when starting up; from investments to utility costs and sourcing alternative, more creative finance.

Here are 5 low budget business ideas you could add tomorrow

Event Planning

If you’re at the peak of your local hospitality sector: running a restaurant, public house or community centre and you’re looking for an extra cash builder, consider event planning. As a well recognised, reputable local organisation you won’t need to change much, just set a plan in motion.

Online Shopping

Do you run large wholesale premises? Are you a little short on your sales targets this period? If so, there are numerous opportunities available online to help offload unsold or discontinued stock filling up the shelves in your warehouse. Simply create an Etsy or an Ebay account and offset your leftovers to the general public directly.


Offering something back as an extra to your service or as a new venture maintains a place at the top of our list of low budget business ideas. For instance, as a locally-based Lawyer, Accountant or Utility Consultant you could host a local event or seminar for a small fee to advise the members of your community on industrial change, political change, offer legal advice, economic advice or even money saving advice.

Interior Design

Perhaps you operate from a small office as an engineer. As a design and creative expert, you should use your technical knowledge and expertise to your advantage. Add interior design to your engineering practice. At first thought, this might not appear low budget, but you’ll already have the customer base, just mention it on your next job.


Furthermore, if you happen to already be in the transport or haulage sectors, or you’re looking to break in. Consider a slightly different approach (especially to haulage); operate a concierge or more personal delivery service — from school runs to lunchtime deliveries. Just think about Deliveroo & UberEats — are they in your area? If not. Get ahead of them and offer your own low budget alternative.
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