- 24 May 2017

7 Productivity applications that’ll give your business a boost

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Give your business a boost

So as we’re getting into the midweek, you might discover a certain lapse in creativity & productivity. Therefore, in order to excite your critical thinking and boost your mental sharpness, our Team has given us some insight into their daily schedule and they’ve recommended 7 of their favourite productivity applications.
There are plenty of articles relating to productivity and providing an inspirational boost to help business leaders and entrepreneurs succeed. Taking Lifehack’s 33 rules into account. They’ve explained the importance of heuristics; “rules intended to help you solve problems.” To simply put, a heuristic rule allows you to rigorously achieve your goals. (Lifehack, no date)
The perfect example:

  • Perform your least favourite task in the morning and wind down with the most exciting, enjoyable tasks in the afternoon. That way you’ll always end on a high.

Here’s 7 of the best productivity applications from our office to yours

  1. Firstly, start by keeping track of time. Help yourself to complete tasks efficiently. Hour 2.0 is perfect for completing the more time consuming tasks. Whilst improving time management.
  2. To help you remember — we sometimes use Remember the Milk (RTM). This unique schedule tidying, productivity application, will send you everything from the morning coffee run to the monthly performance report.
  3. For managing projects. It’s a no-brainer. Seriously, we like Trello that much. Simply assign tasks to your entire team or set up small working groups. Work together, even when your colleagues are away. Collaborate with other businesses. Stay in touch. As keen & efficient Project Managers, our Site Works team enjoy using Trello internally, to ensure tasks are never left alone.
  4. Onenote — As part of the MS Office package, Onenote makes an excellent note taking alternative. As Windows users ourselves, everything will transfer simply into other office apps. Presenting One Note as a great productivity application for Microsoft users.
  5. Pocket — a favourite of one of our partners Make it Cheaper, as mentioned in one of their previous posts on managing your business in the digital world. Pocket remains one of our favourites for avoiding the media clutter and sourcing the latest industry news. Avoid procrastination and stay productive using Pocket.
  6. Evernote — In direct competition with Onenote. Yes we do use Windows in our office. But Evernote, does quite often find it’s way onto our screens. It’s simplicity and versatility is what pushes it slightly ahead.
  7. Scribble Post — the ultimate merger. A new entry in 2016. Will merge your email, calendars & tasks to ensure you’re able to stay productive. It’s quick, easy & simple to use. It will merge all your tasks together, cutting down those notifications.

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial world. We run a productivity boosting, web application to support our customers when managing their gas bills and consumption. Presenting an opportunity to remain productive, concentrating on your own daily tasks.
For more information about our energy management application for customers; call our team on 0161 762 1883 to discuss our competitive supply services. Alternatively, if you’re already one of our Business Energy Consultants, upon submitting your tender; don’t hesitate to ask your TPI Account Manager for further details.