James Lee
- 6 January 2022

7 top interview tips for Crown Gas & Power

Candidates waiting for job interviews, mid section

If you’ve got an interview lined up with us and want some tips before the day, hopefully you’ve started your online research and have found your way to this blog.

Preparing for an interview takes time and is always worth the effort. If you prepare well and take the time to learn about the business you’re going to meet, you’re giving yourself the best chance to calm your nerves and be ready to successfully land yourself your next role. Take a few minutes out of your day to read our top 7 interview tips for anyone coming into our office for an interview.

7 interview tips

1. Be 10 minutes early

Being early for an interview only serves to help you. If you give yourself enough time to get to our office, you’ll be able to assess the building before you come to the door. If you’re nervous, your stress levels will only rise if you are hurrying to get here. We’d much prefer to know you’ve gotten here safely with some time to spare before knocking on our doors.

2. Work out your route before you come

Crown Gas & Power is connected to the Crown Oil Group (see tip 4 for more information) and there are several offices located within a stone’s throw of one another that link to Crown Oil in some way – so you need to make sure you get to the right building by planning your route in advance.


3. Dress code

Whilst we are a dress down office, we respect those who turn up dressed smart/casual for their interview. When facing external stakeholders, customers or clients, we like to impress – so whilst you don’t need to be suited and booted, we hope you’d feel the same as us!

4. Check out our Crown history

When referring to Crown, this would usually mean the Crown Oil Group, which is where Crown Gas & Power originated from. You can read more about our Crown history here and some more Google searching will help you understand the difference between the Crown group of companies.

5. Ask us questions

Prepare as many questions as you see fit for the role you’re interviewing for. Interviews are a way to find out if you’re right for the job and a good fit for the company, but it goes both ways. This is your turn to find out whether we’re right for you. So use this time before your interview to think about what you want to know about the role.

6. Come prepared with example stories

Your interview will be competency-based, meaning your interviewer will be trying to find out about your relevant skills and experiences and assessing how well these fit with the role you are interviewing for. Write down a few story triggers of your experience so you can remember them on the day – we promise it’ll help!

7. Be yourself

It’s important to us that you are yourself when you come for an interview at Crown Gas & Power. Our culture is based around open doors and friendly faces and we like to hire likeminded people who share the same values and want to join a welcoming team who are honest, open, hardworking and relaxed.

We hope these tips help you prepare. Good luck in your interview – we’re looking forward to meeting you.

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