Crown Gas & Power Reviews

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I had such a great experience with Crown Gas & Power, specifically with Helen Pritchard, from the Credit team.

As a new tenant, I found out our home was placed as a business account with corresponding rates; and expressed concern about costs. Helen from the credit team was so kind and escalated the issue. She not only managed to secure discounted rates to reflect our residential status, she also has been following up closely on my case to ensure changes are done.

Helen was very friendly, responsive, and gave a personal touch to what was a great customer service. Although we will need to move to a residential gas supplier as we are not a business, I will say this experience with a gas supplier has been unique, and could not recommend them more!

Dave, Review

Samantha, my Samaritan, you’ve gone above and beyond for me last Monday, for something that had nothing to do with Crown Gas & Power.

You replied to a simple enquiry about my bills, and when I asked you for advice about two large unexpected direct debits from YGP, you calmly listened and gave me suggestions of the necessary steps to take. I was so low and couldn’t see clearly the way out, but with your moral support I found the strength to follow up with my complaints. Thankfully, when I finally got through to the customer service of YGP, the lady there was also a patient listener, and after 3 days, the 2 amounts were refunded into my account.

Samantha, thank you so much again, for being there when I needed a guardian angel, literally. What kindness that was, from a complete stranger!

Dave, Review