Meet our Team

Meet our business energy saving team, who are continually striving to ensure each of our customers are able to securely switch to our competitive gas supply.

Reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.

Terry Day


Dale Marriott


Anthony Harris

General Manager

I am very passionate about my job and I love working for Crown, outside of the office I enjoy my holidays abroad and socialising with my friends.

Jeanette Mclaren

Siteworks Manager

My favourite food is Mexican

Lauren Holt

Sitework Co-Ordinator

When I was younger I was a brown belt in Jujitsu, but then I discovered beer!

Alec Wrigley

Senior Sitework Co-ordinator

I am a proud father of two.

Daniel Madden

Senior Sitework Co-ordinator

I am a ray of sunshine in the office and brighten up any miserable day :)

Megan Carden

Sitework Co-ordinator

I joined Crown at 16, as an Operations Management apprentice.

Heidi Mcgrath

Sitework Co-ordinator

I support Burnley FC.

Jackson Sutcliffe

Sales Team Leader

I have jumped out of plane for charity.

Stephanie Anslow

Senior Sales Account Manager

I have twin boys, my main achievement in life.

Nick Boswell

Senior Sales Account Manager

I love cooking and trying new recipes, also drinking wine.

Ocean Broadhurst

Senior Sales Account Manager

Go fishing every weekend and catch nothing!!

Matteo Pelli

Sales Account Manager

I have been on TV.

Elena Quinn

Sales Account Manager

Emerson Taylor

TPI Account Manager

I love playing snooker and golf!

Stuart Batty

Sales Account Manager

Vicky Allen

Bespoke Account Manager

Rebecca Marsh

TPI Account Manager

Shanice Heselwood

Junior Account Manager

Charlene Richmond

Matrix Account Manager

Katie Wilcox

Sales Support

Adam Stableford

TPI Relationship Manager

Alex Slater

TPI Relationship Manager

I once had a forklift truck license.... not that I have ever used it!

Carrie Haworth

Customer Experience Manager

Trained in Thai boxing.

Sally Greenwood

Customer Experience Senior Credit Controller

I am a golf widow!

Helen Walch

Customer Experience Senior Credit Controller

I love F1.

Nicola Riley

Customer Experience Credit Controller

I used to live in Dubai.

Kelly Clegg

Customer Experience Advisor

Amy Loftus

Customer Experience Advisor

Rebecca Rompca

Customer Experience Advisor

Chantelle Kirby

Customer Experience Advisor

I enjoy keep fit and going on holiday.

Lisa Blackburn

Customer Experience Transfers Team

I like to travel.

Francesca Cropper

Customer Experience Transfers Team

Has a beautiful baby girl called Molly.

Kymberly Carden

Commissions Team Leader

I once lived in the Canary Islands... I went on holiday and ended up staying for a year!

Beth Radcliffe

Commissions Analyst

I used to be in a street dance crew.

Kersha Barber

Commissions Analyst

I share the same birthday and birth weight as my niece.

Nicola Mills

Management Accountant

I am the only person in the world to support both Bury FC and Chelsea.

Tom Corcoron

Assistant Accountant

Jack Askham

Junior Accounts Assistant

Sarah Talbot

Marketing Executive

I’ve travelled to 33 out of 50 US States (and slept in a tent in most of them).

Jonathan Matthews

Regulation and Compliance

Professional Photographer and proud Welshman.

Declan West

Senior Supply Point Administrator

I have been in the energy industry for 14 years.

Stacey Begg

Senior Metering Data Management

Kelly Delaney

Supply Point Administrator

Sharon Baxendale

Metering Data Management

Crown's resident nerd and an avid Comic-Con attendee!

Lauren Daws

Metering Data Management

I lived in Spain for 4 years where I discovered my love for all things Spanish, especially the food and wine!!

Jane Potter

Meter Data Analyst

I love dogs and have a french bulldog called Lola.

Jade Donlan

Settlements Analyst

Kat Partington

Data Analyst

I believe everything starts with "Hello" :)

Floriana Mihaela Mucioiu

Settlements Analyst

I recently did a skydive for Charity, from 10,000ft. I am looking at doing the 14,000ft next!

Sophie Cropper

Senior Billing Coordinator

I have a reputation for being grumpy but I am not really!!

Glenn Nixon

Strategic Business Manager

Fitness fanatic! :)

Brian Takawira

Application Support Developer

Currently in the middle of getting my PPL (Private Pilots Licence).

Ashley Abell

Application Support Developer

Ijaz Ali

Business Analyst / Tester

Bit of a multi-instrumentalist. I play trumpet, piano and the Korean nose flute.

John Ascroft

Application Support Developer

Sunday Esho

Junior Web Developer

What Our Staff Say

Crown Gas and Power is a very friendly and fair place to work. Crown will always give you an opportunity to prove yourself and you will always get out what you put in.

Jackson - Sales Team Leader

I like the fact that you have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and everyone is willing to teach you. Great place to work at.

Mimi - Settlements Analyst

For me, Crown is all about the people. Colleagues quickly become friends and make work a happy place to be.

Helen - Credit Controller