Our charities

Here's how we're making a difference in our local community

At Crown Gas & Power, we are not only devoted to providing all our customers with fair, cost-effective and competitive prices. We also dedicate ourselves to supporting our local community throughout Greater Manchester.

Choosing two charities to support over the next 12 months wasn’t something we took lightly. A survey was conducted over one week asking all employees of Crown Gas & Power to look over our six options, which focused on four themes that are important to us all: children, end of life care, local to us and mental health.

We understood that some charities would hit home more than others to individual people so opened it up to a voting system – but this did not mean that any of the options were less important if not chosen. Bury Hospice and Rochdale and District Mind were our two chosen charities and we are proud to be supporting both of them during August 2021 – July 2022.

Bury Hospice supports local people and their families to achieve the best possible quality of life at a time when it matters most. They look after six separate and distinct towns; Bury, Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Tottington and Ramsbottom – all within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury.

They provide Inpatient Care, Outreach Community Service, Bereavement Services and have two Christie Clinics that work from the Hospice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays providing phlebotomy and chemotherapy. Bury Hospice has continued to develop their supportive care services over the last three decades – responding proactively to what their community needs.

As a charity that costs £2.9m to run each year, they have to raise 82% of the funds they need to run the Hospice through community support – every donation makes a difference:

  • £5 = one home cooked meal for a patient
  • £25 = one bereavement session for a patient or loved one

To make a donation to Bury Hospice, please click here.


Rochdale and District Mind is a local charity who provide mental health and advocacy services for people living in the Borough of Rochdale. Their services are designed by people with lived experience and are focused on wellbeing and recovery – supporting people to lead fulfilling lives.

Rochdale and District Mind is independent in their funding and is not the same as National Mind but are affiliated and work with them nationally. They provide support that is needed locally in the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale area.

They exist to ensure that people do not face mental health issues alone and can lead their lives free from stigma and discrimination. Here’s how donations help:

⦁ £5 = a three minute phone call with an information worker
⦁ £10 = 10 mental health information booklets
⦁ £50 = a support group for people dealing with mental health problems
⦁ £100 = a mental health awareness course for 10 people

To make a donation to Rochdale and District Mind, please click here.

Supporting our chosen charities

We are taking great care to ensure that we make a positive impact upon the two charities we have partnered with. Throughout the year we will be hosting and arranging many fundraising events to support our charities the best way we can, together with our colleagues.

To start off our partnerships in August 2021, Crown Gas & Power made an initial donation of £684.50, split equally between Rochdale and District Mind and Bury Hospice.

Our supporting efforts

Throughout August, 40 employees at Crown Gas & Power took part in our charity pool tournament that raised £225 for our two chosen charities, Bury Hospice and Rochdale and District Mind.

The tournament was more than a fundraising effort. As our first initiative for the charities, it raised awareness of the charities throughout the business and was a chance to bring people together from all departments.

Watch the video here

Jack Askham & Ijaz Ali - winners of the Crown Gas & Power charity pool tournament