- 24 May 2017

How can small businesses save with energy storage?

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How can small businesses save with energy storage?

What it involves?
Energy storage is often associated with wind and solar power; in order to provide an alternative & emission cutting approach.
With the advancements in renewable energy and the constant change with the weather in the UK, consuming renewables might seem a little (ironically) unnatural.
However, with the latest technology and energy storage capabilities, consumers are now able to collect energy from renewable sources in order to use in adverse weather conditions or in the evenings.

Getting technical

There are different types of energy storage technology that’s available to commercial and industrial organisations worldwide. Currently over 150,000 megawatts is stored globally (Lin, 2016). These include:

  • Solid state batteries — paired with software that intelligently changes based on your consumption & the external environment (i.e. weather).
  • Flow batteries — Stores energy directly, adding a longer life expectancy.
  • Flywheels — store electricity in the form of kinetic energy
  • Thermal storages — This will creates ice, further allowing you to replace your air conditioning. Cutting your bills drastically.

For the smaller businesses

For smaller and micro businesses, that usually consumes gas or electricity on a domestic scale. It could be worthwhile researching and looking into energy storage technologies. Within the domestic environment, solar power in the UK has doubled (This is Money, 2017), emphasising how smaller businesses could capitalise on the benefits of renewable energy storage technologies. Such as Tesla’s Powerall or Powervault.

Who’s innovating?

Tesla’s Powerwall. More suited to the British weather, connecting your premises to its solar panels and it’ll then store energy to be consumed in unfavourable conditions.
Powervault — Is another, less compact energy storage device. Performing as efficiently & directly available on the UK market.

What benefits will small businesses take from energy storage?

Furthermore, there are numerous advantages for small business consumers when capitalising on improved energy storage technologies.

  • Security. Further allowing more efficient consumption and causing little disruption to the groundwork or meter pressure.
  • Environmental — This help reduce your carbon emissions, encouraging carbon neutrality.
  • Economical — Increased competition within the Energy Industry and lower carbon tax benefits. Furthermore, reducing the cost of your electricity bills.
  • Employment — Not forgetting that more organisations would be able to open positions for Energy Managers to regularly maintain their consumption patterns & procurement. Did you know 54% of businesses don’t have an Energy Manager (Directors Report, 2017)?

Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial world. We currently do not supply electricity or energy storage technologies. This post is based on research to inform and provide an opinion on pressing industry news. We aren’t recommending specific energy storage technologies, please research further and ensure you’ve fully understood the benefits to you, before making a change.
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