Comparing gas prices with an Energy Consultant

It's Simple. It's Honest. It's Personal.

We want to change the way businesses search for & switch suppliers. We know that customers prefer to compare the entire energy market before accepting new contracts. Therefore, by working regularly with energy consultants we have created a more competitive solution for gas price comparison services.

1. Receiving our competitive gas quotes

Once a business gas supply contract nears its end, you will want to ensure that each customer receives the most competitive prices, to suit their business growth. When the customer begins to compare energy prices; the Consultant can submit a tender to our TPI Account Managers, who will provide the most competitive switching solution. Our TPI Account Managers are available directly on 0161 762 1883 or simply, Energy Consultants can submit pricing requests to

2. Before accepting our supply contract

Once you have proceeded past the gas comparison stage and the customer has chosen Crown Gas & Power as their new gas supplier, we will lock in the price and confirm the new supply contract.

However, before we can lock in a new contract, we require a signed Letter of Authority (LOA) to confirm that the Energy Consultant is certified to manage the customer’s account. Once the LOA has been approved, and the customer has passed a credit check, our team will proceed with the supply contract.

When first requesting a price, we suggest attaching your LOA to ensure a smoother process. Furthermore, the information stated within your LOA will determine the privileges and information which can be displayed in your Online Broker Portal.

As the customer, you will be looking to receive the best gas price for your business. If you need any assistance producing an LOA your Consultant will be able to assist you. Alternatively, our Customer Support team are only a phone call away if you’re unsure about the process. Call 0161 762 7744 or email

3. Renewing an existing contract

At Crown Gas and Power our Business Energy Consultants will always remain in control of their clients’ accounts. Therefore, when the customer’s existing contract begins to expire, our TPI Account Managers will always keep the Energy Consultant informed as we quote for renewals. We don’t have a direct sales team, so we won’t approach customers directly for your renewals.

We will continually present customers with the freedom to compare gas prices.

Before we finalise any contract, we will run a credit check and ensure the account isn’t in arrears. For more information about our quotations, credit and payments take a look at our Quotation & Contracts and Payment & Billing FAQs.

4. Once you have agreed to switch

Comparing & switching should become a simple, seamless process. Let your supplier do all the legwork.

Once the customer has switched and the contract has been agreed our Customer Support team will handle the supply transfer. We want to ensure our customers are able to switch their gas conveniently, whilst causing little or no disruption.

Usually, our supply transfer takes 15 days. Although, this is dependent on the scope of the business and how many sites they operate.

The previous supplier is objecting to the switch. Why?

  • Please ensure that the customer doesn’t have an outstanding balance with their previous supplier.
  • If there are any supply objections before your site becomes live. Our Customer Support team will work to overcome the objection and ensure your client’s gas supply gets off to a smooth start.
  • By registering for our Online Broker Portal; Consultants will have the option to receive daily, weekly or monthly Registration Reports. These reports will keep Brokers informed of all recent transfers.
5. Once a site becomes live

Upon a site becoming live the customer will receive our Welcome Pack; which provides more information about us, how to apply for Smart Advanced Metering, how to register for the Customer Portal and who to contact if any issues arise.

Within our Broker Portal, Consultants will have access to each client’s account making it easier to monitor renewals & credit. From here we will take over the client’s account and keep you regularly informed of any changes to the customer’s situation.

6. Submitting meter readings

Upon transfer completion, we recommend our customers submit their opening meter reads within the first 3 days of the site transfer to ensure they receive an accurate bill. As part of our process to overcome bill estimations, we offer each customer the option to sign up to receive monthly reminder emails.

Customers have the option to sign up to our meter reading reminder mailing list. Simply give us a ring on 0161 762 7744 or email and we will ensure our customers are only billed to accurate, actual meter reads.

What Our Customers Say

Crown Gas & Power have provided a user friendly end to end gas metering and supply service that has taken the stress out of getting new supplies up and running for our clients.

Richard - Broker

When you change gas suppliers and get a fantastic deal, you worry that the service may not be good when you need it, you have certainly put that to rest.
Fantastic, Thank you!

Jackie - Customer

Categorically an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly sitework team who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial results.

Karen - Broker