Multiple property managing agents

Adapted & accurate supply contracts

At Crown Gas & Power we work with some of the UK’s biggest managing agents, and for a good reason. Check out the benefits below.

Benefits for easier multi-site property management:

Managing Agent Portal:

Our online portal will make it easier to manage individual sites, monitor payments and easily access important documentation.

Flexible Payment Options:

Clients can be set up with a payment option that suits them such as Direct Debit or BACs.

Convenient Billing:

Group billing can be requested as well as ebilling options, giving you control of your energy bills.

Common Contract Rates:

When quoting for multiple sites, we will help you to obtain rates that will suit a large portfolio. If you wish to add new sites to your portfolio, we will work to include the new sites on similar competitive rates.

Commitment to Advanced Metering Requirements:

To improve accuracy, we will offer AMR installations to ensure all sites are billed to a more accurate meter reading.

Change of Tenancies:

Allow us to take care of your tenancy changes, ensuring a smooth continuation of your energy supply.

Multi-utility Connections:

We provide utility connections for gas, electricity & water installations.

Multiple billing formats:

Your bill is available in EDI, CSV, Group Billing, and PDF formats.

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Bespoke property management software for multi-site utilities

We know that managing and finding competitive energy supply contracts for property managing agents can be complicated.

Property Management Utility Services

We have developed a new online property management portal which allows you to monitor an entire property portfolio, all under one dashboard. No matter how many sites your clients operate, within our property management portal clients are able to view all live, upcoming and ceased accounts. All data is available in CSV format which can be easily interpreted into each managing agent or consultant’s own in-house system.

To accompany each account balance, our commercial property management clients have access to a complete list of archived invoices for all sites.

What our customers say

We are really happy with the service from Crown Gas & Power. We submit readings and receive invoices on time.

Catherine - Customer

When you change gas suppliers and get a fantastic deal, you worry that the service may not be good when you need it, you have certainly put that to rest.
Fantastic, Thank you!

Jackie - Customer

Prompt, accurate, friendly and professional service.

Stewart Hugill - Customer